7 Days of Transformation

Can you spare 11 minutes a day for you? Then who knows what Transformations are ahead.

I was going to charge for this…

Because basically people get more value from things when they invest... how many free-downloads do you have that you've never read, listened to or watched? Because you didn't invest in them.

I believe change is a two way thing. You’ve got to invest your Time and your Money.

Everyone wants low investment of time and money, but paradoxically high quality results.

This is a way of Achieving BOTH. (FREE or more, read on...)

First Your Results

What will this challenge do for me?

Nothing, if you do nothing!

If you use ALL of these PowerNaps and take action, who knows... in a few years your life could be so wonderfully unrecognisable that you ARE living your dream life.

Ultimately, your success is up to you.

This makes it a WHOLE LOT EASIER.

7 Days - 7 PowerNaps focused to inspired you.

“Doing anything for 7 days is going to gets you results.” Paul McKenna

Each relaxing 11 minute PowerNap is packed with the latest applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other psychological techniques.

Let go, get clear and get moving toward your goals. De-stress and relax, stay calm and collected in any situation, and accept the changes that are right for you. Deepen your gratitude and abundance in your life.

Your Investment

You’ve got to invest your Time.

You’ll spend a maximum of 11 minutes a day deliberately taking time to focus on you.

Over the 7 days your mind starts to unconsciously rehearse and re-patten these programs over and over while you’re doing other things.

“So it’s actually like your spending 30 to 40 minutes a day, then and hour or more until your unconscious-mind naturally starts to operates in a new way… and you see results.” John Vincent

Your Investment Financially

It’s your choice!!

Really, you choose how much to pay. If at all.   

From ‘Free’ to ‘name your price’ and more…

Option ONE: JOIN today for F-R-E-E and get

1) Full access to the Challenge, all FIVE PowerNap mp3’s & the Abundance Booster Weekend

2) You’ll be part of this organic ‘Live’ event with other people… this is PRICELESS when you know how to use it.*

*the connections you can make can be priceless in value… because of what you receive, by meeting with others… and creating together.

3) Plus other supporting bonuses 

Option TWO: Name Your Price

You can choose to pay as low as $1 or as much as you feel it’s worth to you.

What do you get for the money?

You’ll get access to everything mentioned above, plus a deeper commitment to achieving and succeeding. 

When you are invested both time-wise and financially-wise, you’re more invested. And generally* the move you’re invested the greater the return on your efforts.

*Results not guaranteed. Obviously. None at all.

If you believe that you’d be more invested if you pay, pay what you feel it’s worth to you to commit.

Your money. Every cent collected will be donated to charity. You’ll be making a HUGE difference to peoples lives and the Planet, planting trees and helping small communities. Find out more about trees.org HERE

Option THREE: Working together

You will get everything above (including a $100 donation to charity) plus access to me.

And you’ll be getting access to me in THREE ways:

  • Directly in person: Video or Voice call each week for 4 weeks
  • Email: Access to my personal email
  • and as part of a ‘Live’ Broadcast Event at the end of the program

Unlike online hypnosis and NLP programs (which are powerful in their own right) I can make HUGE guarantees about the success and breakthroughs you will achieve in these sessions. Because this is time focused on YOU.

During our time together I will be sharing applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other psychological techniques, personally tailored for the results you wish to create.

Value: $1000.00

But you’re not going to be paying that today.

Remember you’re getting:

  • Weekly (Video or Voice) 30 minute call (for FOUR weeks)
  • Private email access (to catch up between calls)
  • Being part of a ‘Live’ Broadcast Event. TBA

Toady $1000.00

Just $599

Once you start down this path, you’ll start to see positive results from day one, and every step of the way.

Limited Places Available

Quick recap.

From Monday for the whole Strong (some call their time split in to 7 day periods week. I don't!) you will get a link to a different hypnotic relaxing PowerNap.

Join in, comment on others successes... share the love and make personal transformations.

It's Your Choice