7 Days of Transformation

5 PowerNaps - 1 Morning Booster - 1 Guided Process. Focus on Your Successes.

DAY 6 - Morning Gratitude Booster

Morning Gratitude Booster – Get an Attitude of Gratitude.

The benefits of starting your day with the feelings of Abundance & Gratitude are scientifically PROVEN (as if we need scientific proof that gratitude is good for us!) to give an array of benefits including:

  • Stronger immune systems
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increase levels of positive emotions: joy, optimism, and happiness
  • And leaves people to act with more generosity and compassion

So, take a few moments to listen to this Morning Gratitude Booster now and start your day off knowing you are loved and focusing on all the good things in life.

Imagine how much easier and happier the day will begin and continue Gratitude: a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

This short morning gratitude booster is designed to help you to flood your body with feelings of gratitude and insights that enliven you and set you up for an AWESOME day.


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One of the Most Fundamental Values in Cultures and Beliefs All Over the World...

When you enter the peaceful state of Gratitude you add amazing positivity and abundance to your life.

  • Improve your psychological health and mental alertness
  • Put you in the right state of mind to make good decisions
  • Increase optimism and promote a positive self-esteem
  • Improve physical health, raising energy and boost your immune systems
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One of the Most Fundamental Values in Cultures and Beliefs All Over the World...

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  • Brenda

    Reply Reply March 15, 2019

    To let go of the past & be fully present in the now

  • Teja

    Reply Reply March 15, 2019

    Thank you thank you, John the Magnificent! xx

  • Thomas

    Reply Reply March 13, 2019

    I want to get more clarity and focus on my business… I feel lost with the amount that needs doing and possibly procrastinating far too much! Thank you John, you’re awesome 🙂

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply March 13, 2019

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂 Time to get some movement… with the Procrastination Buster PowerNap 🙂

  • Suzie

    Reply Reply March 12, 2019

    I want to let go of worrying about what others think. To be more confident in myself. Thank you John 🙂

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply March 12, 2019

      AWESOME 🙂 Thats beautiful. 🙂
      …and most of the time the ‘others’ aren’t really thinking anything about you, but about themselves.

  • Nelson Caamanio Sanz

    Reply Reply March 11, 2019

    Hi John, thanks for another challenge! I’d love to let go of debt. It has been exhausting and frustrating me for 10 years. I’m really tired of this.

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply March 12, 2019

      Fantastic. Great intention. Money is an energy… and it can take energy. Time for change 🙂

  • David

    Reply Reply March 11, 2019

    Stress. General and mounding stress. Thats what I’m releasing

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply March 11, 2019

      Its the biggest Dis-ease on the planet. Well done David 🙂

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