The Importance of having a CMI

Focus on the BIG PICTURE. Thats the core message of ALL the Highly Successful people I've ever spoken to. 

Focus on what you DO want… not all the blocks in the way to getting what you want.

Focus on the big picture, get the details clear in your mind and keep adding to it each time you imagine your CMI. Imagine being there and what its like in vivid rich detail. Then work backward and see the big chunks that you need to do to get there. The big steps on the way to succeeding.

Don’t worry about the how! Simply get started. Get going. Take efficient action, do things to get to your CMI.

Sometimes to really get a clear mental image its a good idea to go and experience what you want more of. If it’s a ‘thing’ like a car, go take one for a test drive. Experience it in real life, go see what it’s like, feel it, smell the new car smell, hear the sound of the engine…

If it’s a place go there, or make plans to go there and experience it as soon as you can. Go do classes, or workshops and talks, hang-out with like minded people… getting your CMI clearer is easier when you have an experience of it.