Deep Theta Healing Hypnosis

Experience Deeper Subconscious Connections, An Increase in Intuition and Open the Potential For Self Healing

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Instantly Dissolve Stress With Theta Healing Hypnosis

Stress is the biggest factor in damaging the immune system.

Increases in Cortisol (the stress hormone) can cause weight gain, repeated exposure to cortisol actually damages you DNA.

Theta brainwaves are connected with the dissolving of stress. Promoting a healthy Mind and Body.

During this recording you’ll enter a deep theta brainwave pattern.

During these recordings you’ll enter a deep theta brainwave state, instantly dissolving stresses and rejuvenating in this deeply healing state.

Optimising your immune system and promoting healing of both your mind and body, Theta Brainwaves are used to facilitate a whole mind/body holistic healing experience.

Deep Theta Healing Hypnosis

Allowing Your Mind & Body Time to Rejuvenate & Energise

Entering the Theta Brainwave State Helps Optimise Your Immune System, Promotes Mind/Body Healing & Opens Your Potential For Self Healing

We live in a world that demands fast results and constant productivity. While good for the economy, this state of being can cause us more stress and health problems. Our minds can become too busy and cluttered and our spirits can feel dragged down by this lifestyle.

Instantly Dissolve Stress With Theta Healing Hypnosis

Stress is the biggest factor in damaging the immune system. Increases in Cortisol (the stress hormone) can cause weight gain, and repeated exposure actually damages your DNA.

When in the Theta Brainwave State, both your body and mind experience enhanced rejuvenation, growth and healing. Theta is used to facilitate a whole body / mind holistic healing experience.

Think And Grow Young!

Studies are repeatably showing that regularly Meditation and Hypnosis increases many health biomarkers, including repairing your DNA!

The Mind and Body are inextricably intertwined.

The thoughts we think shape the health of our DNA.

The health of our DNA can be measured scientifically by measuring telomere length.

Telomeres are like the end cap of DNA strands (imagine the protective plastic tips that covering the ends of shoelaces).

Just like your shoelace, your DNA would unravel at the ends without them. And unravelling DNA is far worse for you than tatty shoelaces! Less healthy people have shorter telomeres.

Healthier people have longer telomeres.

Here you can see the Telomeres at each end of a chromosome

BUT heres where is gets really interesting.

Scientist conducted a study on the power of the mind to heal measuring telomere length.

Simply enrolling one group in a mindfulness meditation training against a control group.

The scientist found that the people practising mindfulness maintained the length of their telomeres. While the control groups telomeres length decreased (as is normal).

Just by meditating alone!

There are many studies showing the biomarkers of health increasing from the use of hypnosis.

Meditation and Hypnosis increase the production of an enzyme called telomerase. This preserves the length of telomeres.

Cortisol the stress hormone increases inflammation and actually damages DNA.

Basically: Telomerase is good for your health.

Cortisol is bad for you.

Deep Theta Healing, combines the power of Hypnosis to guide and direct your healing, health, wellbeing and vitality.

Deep Theta Healing Combines the Power of Hypnosis to Guide Your Healing, Health, Wellbeing & Vitality 

Deep Theta Healing Hypnosis

Experience Deeper Subconscious Connections, An Increase in Intuition and Open the Potential For Self Healing

Get Started Now - Just $37

Experience Pure Relaxation & Relief of Stress. Be Rejuvenated with Health & Vigour

Think And Grow Young! Directing Your Healing, Health, Wellbeing & Vitality

Elevate Your Levels of Creativity & Mental Clarity. Increase Your Memory & Concentration

Experience Boosts in Health & Wellbeing. With Increased Energy to Enjoy Your Life


John Vincent is a Hypnotherapist, SoBeing Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Consciousness Explorer. With over 20 years of living, studying and learning meditation, altered sates of consciousness, accelerated learning and a host of other related mind studies.

Working as an independent Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Personal Development Specialist with private clients, at Retreats and online for over 16 years. Creating his own unique blend of hypnosis and NLP tools to help his clients get the results they desire.

John has invested over 3,200 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD), in the last 16 years assisting at over 50 Hypnosis and NLP Seminars with Dr Richard Bandler and the society of NLP. As well as assisting UK Hypnotist and self-help phenomenon Paul McKenna PhD at his events.

John Vincent

Each Module Contains POWERFUL Dynamic Hypnosis Sessions

Combining Gentle, Relaxing Music with Powerful Dynamic Hypnosis forAwesome Results

Hypnosis Cuts Straight Through the Negativity

The ultimate in easy learning and relaxation. All you have to do is press play, lay back and the hypnosis does the rest.

Hypnosis cuts straight through to your unconscious mind and effortlessly reprograms your mind for instant change.

So you will be more relaxed throughout the day, even in situations that may have previously stressed you out.

These Hypnosis Sessions have ALL been carefully written and recorded by me (John Vincent) using over 20 years experience to deliver you a high quality, relaxing and transformational experience.

Music Has aAmazing Effect on the Mind

Music affects your mood… playing a cheerful song will go a long way to improving your mood and mellow music can help you sleep at night.

The right music is a powerful medium for change. 

Using the beautiful music of Dr Christopher Lloyd Clark BSc, MscD... Music that encourages deep relaxation, spiritual awakening, healing and altered sates of consciousness.

Just the pure essentials… a gentle wandering melody that was created with a bowed glass instrument. This intoxicating combination of sounds will relax you to your core, encouraging your mind to become still.

Moving From the Beta to Theta States

Our brains are brimming with electrical activity every single minute of our lives. Brainwaves differ from each other by their frequency. 

Beta waves are the most common state of normal waking conditions, its that busy everyday setting.

When you relax you move into an Alpha State, the relaxed fluid creative state... Relax further and you're in Theta.

This Theta State is the Deeply Healing Regenerative Brainwave State where Hypnosis cuts straight through the static and negative self-talk.

And that is why Theta Binaural Beats are used in the BWE Dynamic Hypnosis recordings.

The Releasing & Letting Go Hypnosis Collection

3 Powerful Hypnosis Titles: 17 Transformational Instant Downloads (Value $128) Just $37


  • Experience Pure Relaxation and Relief from Stress
  • Be Rejuvenated with an Enhanced Purpose and Passionate Drive for Life
  • Elevate Your Levels of Creativity, Mental Clarity and Vigour
  • Deep Theta Healing Hypnosis (in FOUR Versions)
Get Started Now - Just $37

In Multiple Formats Because Repetition is KEY

Each Module Contains the Hypnosis in FOUR Versions

When you do something new, learn or think something new, you create new neural pathways in your brain.

"Synapses that fire together, wire together."

If one person walks across a lawn you probably wouldn't notice. If they walked across that same path multiple times every day, or if lots of people walked the same route, the pathway across the lawn would become bigger and increase in size.

This is just like the neural pathways in your brain. The more you think the same thought the thicker the pathway becomes and the bigger and more important that thought becomes... influencing your behaviour.

What are your thoughts focused on most? What do you think about more than anything else? Is it good for you... or not?

The subjects you spend most of your time thinking about... do they support you and help you get more of the life you want or are they the opposite.

Hypnosis Changes the Structure of the Brain

Hypnosis has been shown time and time again to rapidly create and strengthen neural connections. When you use Hypnosis recordings regularly, the results are exponential... and effortlessly!

That’s Why Each Module Contains the Hypnosis in FOUR Versions:

  • 1. Dynamic Hypnosis Session (with beautiful meditation music)
  • 2. Dynamic Hypnosis Session (also with Theta Binaural Beat)
  • 3. HypnosisSleep Session (wake up naturally)
  • 4. PowerNap Session (short Daytime Booster)

The Dynamic & BWE Hypnosis Sessions

The full length Dynamic Hypnosis Session in each module is your starting point…

Each Module contains these full length hypnosis sessions in two versions. Both in their natural format with beautiful music and a version with the added benefit of Theta Binaural Beats.

Binaural Beats are a form of Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) that naturally synchronises your brainwaves with the theta binaural beat, helping you go even deeper into trance.

Although the Theta Binaural Beats are subtle, you may not even notice them, headphones are needed for them to work.

The HypnosisSleep Session

The ultimate in easy learning, all you have to do is press play, lay back and get a great nights sleep.

Whilst you drift into a deep sleep with the relaxing music you put the powerful resources of your unconscious mind to work. Reprogramming and supercharging your unconscious mind for releasing and letting go of anything that is no longer serving you.

These HypnosisSleep sessions are designed to be listened to after the main Hypnosis sessions and will give you long term reinforcement effortlessly.

Learning during your sleeping hours is a highly effective way to realise your full potential effortlessly. Using the hypnosis and amazingly relaxing music, music that encourages deep relaxation, spiritual awakening, healing and altered sates of consciousness.

The HypnosisSleep sessions are specifically designed to harness the power of your unconscious whilst your body is at rest so you can absorb new information quickly and directly into your unconscious mind.

Plus, because the HypnosisSleep sessions take you into a deeper, more relaxed sleep state at the start of your night, you will find you wake up from a HypnosisSleep night more refreshed, energised and ready to start your day.

The 11 Minute PowerNap

Powerful hypnotic boosts of focus and motivation during your day, letting go of the old habits and refocusing your mind for success.

Designed to give you an 11 minute mental recharge during the day whenever you feel your energy is dipping, this session works on both a conscious and unconscious level – programming you for more effortless focus and self-motivation. 

The idea of a “power nap” has been around for centuries and is reputed to have been used by the likes of Salvador Dali, Aldous Huxley, Thomas Edison, Da Vinci, Einstein and many more.

What People Are Saying About John's Hypnosis...

"I just feel wonderful and am noticing subtle shifts. Thank you for your generosity of spirit."

Suz De J

"I have bought all your hypnosis programs recently and they have changed my life."

Warren Thackeray Dip.Hyp.

"No words can express the gratitude I feel towards you for creating all these absolutely awesome recordings."

Barry H

"THANK YOU for being so generous, infinite blessings back to you!!!"

Elsa M

"Very cool little synchronicity's have been popping up and my head is buzzing.... very cool new vibration. Thanks much! Namaste."

Becky T

"This is totally awesome. I feel phenomenal. Thank you for sharing. Everyday has been better than the last… Words cannot express how grateful I am."

Tellie K

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is my #1 priority, so if you are not happy, I don’t want your money. It’s as simple as that. Just let me know and I will refund your purchase… no questions asked.

100% Risk FREE – Love It Or Your Money Back

Thats the Full terms and conditions of our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The Releasing & Letting Go Hypnosis Collection

Let Go & Clear Space for the Life You Really Want

3 Powerful Hypnosis Titles: 17 Transformational Instant Downloads (Value $128) Just $37

Get Started Now - Just $37

And theres even more... (value $17)

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Limiting Beliefs aren't real, They're just stories we tell ourselves! What are the limiting stories holding you back?

We all have them...

You know the kind of thing, they normally start with: "I can't because..." Then there is a 'very good' sounding reason why you can't do something.

But it's just a story you tell yourself, one you've been listening to for years. And I'll let you in to a secret... It's also a hypnotic suggestion!

Yep, you've been hypnotising yourself into believing that you can't because of some story... and the CRAZIEST part is, it might even be someone else's story that they told you!

Well meaning parents and teachers do this to their kids ALL the time, then they grow up believing and repeating the same story.

  • Destroy the Blocks Clouding Your Opportunity to Recognise & Access Your FULL Potential
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The Limiting Belief Destroyer is a Gentle Guided Process that allows you to both Relax Deeply & Let Go of Limiting Stories that have been holding you back up until now.

This short 14 minute guided process is designed to be used multiple times a week to allow you to thoroughly cleanse yourself on a deeper level.

And it's my gift to you, enjoy 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I haven’t used Hypnosis before… is it safe?”

Hypnosis is natural and safe. In fact we all drift in and out of trance everyday. Hypnosis and trance states have been used in healing for thousands of years. More recently the power of Hypnosis has been harnessed in personal development. These Dynamic Hypnosis sessions are designed to be effortlessly easy to use.

Q: “How do the Hypnosis Sessions work?”

The hypnosis sessions are expertly crafted blends of hypnosis, binaural beats, NLP and relaxing music to convey the principles deep into your unconscious mind. So that you can truly understand, practice and become the change you want.

Q: “How do I get the most Benefit from This Hypnosis Sessions?”

To gain the fullest benefit from this Hypnosis session I recommend that you listen to it through stereo headphones (headphones not essential), making sure that you are lying or sitting comfortably in a safe environment where you will not be disturbed. Typically I recommend that you listen to each session 3 – 5 times in the first week.

Q: “Are there other Benefits to this Hypnosis Sessions?”

Yes! The unique combination of hypnosis, binaural beats, NLP and relaxing music in these Hypnosis Sessions also gives you the added benefits of immune system boosting, stress releasing, deep relaxation. Plus the BrainWave Entrainment (Theta Binaural Beats) have been show to reduce anxiety and the presence of theta patterns in the brain has been associated with increased receptivity for learning and decreased filtering by the left hemisphere.

Q: “Are there any Side Effects of This Hypnosis Sessions?”

There are no known negative side effects to Hypnosis or the unique combination of hypnosis, binaural beats, NLP and relaxing music. There are, of course, the side effects of all the positive benefits of listening to it. And if for any reason you need to awaken during this process you will do so with a clarity of mind to attend the situation.

Q: “I already listen to Hypnosis recordings... Why do I need another?

Great, reading personal development books, watching videos, listening to CD’s is the journey I’m still on too. I believe you never stop learning right? But trust me, I am confident that with the addition of this Hypnosis you will actually find that you’re getting better results with any other personal development programs too. It’s designed to be holistic.

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