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This is a great way to 'brainstorm' ideas so you have choice to make a Good Decision from.

‘Green Light / Red Light’ Thinking

redgreenGreen Light thinking means coming up with ideas and not judging them, just coming up with ideas and writing them all down.

After a good nights sleep, you then apply ‘Red Light’ thinking to your ideas. Go through it and knock out all of the things that you didn’t judge when you were writing your list but are just not appropriate. But remember having these ideas, that may not be appropriate themselves, probably led you on to other thoughts that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of and some of these you will keep.

The idea is to get the critical part of your mind out of the way while you answer the questions you need answering. Just thinking about what you would do if you could do anything and then write it down. Then thinking about ways you would achieve that.

It’s true that most people never do this; it’s also true that most people work for someone else for their whole life. The people who choose to do these kinds of things are the people who generally tend to work for themselves. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

Step One: Write down (Green Light Thinking) everything that you are passionate about, everything that you could do that would make your life better. Everything! eg: earn more money.

Step Two: Leave it and walk away (preferably overnight).

Step Three: Apply Red Light Thinking to your list of thing that you are passionate about and keep the things that you are really excited about.

Step Four: Repeat this process with how you are going to achieve each of the steps.

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