Are You Ready to Become the Hypnotist?

Discover the Secret Skills of the Hypnotist. Become the Conscious Architect of Your Own Future. Experience the Joy of Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams.

Learn the Transformational Skills of a Hypnotist in Just 8 Weeks

Who is this ‘Learn Hypnosis’ Masterclass for?

Everyone can benefit from hypnosis.

This masterclass is aimed at people looking to further their understanding of hypnosis from a beginner to intermediate level. And it is also if you have only listened to hypnosis mo3's before.

This course is for you whether you’re looking for a deeper understanding of self-hypnosis or you’re ready to start the journey of becoming a hypnotherapist and help others to make positive changes in their lives.

“Learning hypnosis was one of the best things I ever did… and I know it’s going to be transformational for you too” John Vincent

Join the Masterclass and in Just 8 Weeks You Will:

  • Learn How to Hypnotise Yourself and Others.
  • Discover the Secrets of Rapport and Influence
  • Understand how to Create Powerful Life Transformations
  • Overcome Any fears, Worries and Anxieties in Yourself and Others
  • Master Your Emotions, Get into the ‘Zone’ and Take Control of Your Thinking
  • Become the Conscious Architect of Your Own Future and Help Others to Achieve Better Futures
  • Focus Your Concentration and Harness the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

The Hypnosis Masterclass Includes:

In this 4 week masterclass you will learn everything you need to hypnotise yourself and others.

You are going to learn the skill sets of the Master Hypnotists, even if you have never done any hypnosis before. 

The Class includes a video lesson released each Monday that can be watch and completed in the comfort of your own home, at time that is suitable to you…

This program gives you the greatest flexibility in your learning along with the power of goals to be achieved each week to help keep you focussed and on target to completing your course with flying colours.

Simply watch your lesson at the start of the week, complete your exercises through the week and attend the Live Session with John on Sunday* where you will be able to ask any questions and gain even deeper understandings on that weeks topic and exercises.

*A recording will be available for the Live Session for anyone who can’t make it but we recommend you don’t miss anymore than one of these if you really want to succeed and truly Learn hypnosis… They will be powerful sessions where you can work directly with John, ask questions, and benefit from the experiences of the whole class.

PLUS There’s Even More! Amazing FREE Bonuses

Because when you enrol on this years Masterclass you will also get access to THREE of John’s most popular online programs completely FREE!

These programs alone are worth well over $591 and he is giving them to you completely FREE!

1. Free Your Mind - $197

The Neuro Linguistic Techniques John shares in this video series will give you a head start on understanding your thinking, overcoming your own worries and fears and mastering your emotions.

This is a powerful foundation to supercharge your progress in the Learn Hypnosis Masterclass

2. Rapport Master - $197

A golden oldie… This course includes over 70 short daily videos that will develop your skills as a Master Linguistice.

Learn the secrets of influence and rapport to deepen the power of your hypnosis

The Learn Hypnosis Masterclass: Learn, Laugh and Make HUGE Positive Changes in Your Life and Other Peoples.

If you’re ready to learn the secrets of Hypnosis, to become the Conscious Architect of your own future and free yourself and others from fears, worries and anxieties then this Masterclass will teach you the skill sets of the Master Hypnotists.

This Class is suitable for beginners to intermediate level… But You DO have to be committed to Learning Hypnosis and attend class*

The Lessons are structured such that you can learn hypnosis from a complete beginners level or deepen your skills from an intermediate level… And you will all benefit from the experiences of your fellow students in Your Weekly Live Sessions.

*If you don’t watch your weekly videos, practice and attend your live sessions… This won’t work for you. These are REAL secrets and NOT push button solutions. If you’re ready to empower your own life and help others then you’re in for a real treat 🙂

"I'm the Hypnotist, Are You Ready to be the Hypnotist Too?"

Based in London, John is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, with a 25 year record of successfully using hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to make life changing positive breakthroughs in people’s lives. Working as an independent Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Personal Development Specialist in the Public Sector and online for many years, John has helped many people banish their limiting beliefs, activate their personal best and transform their lives.

In this Masterclass John is going to share his secrets with you and teach you the skills you need to become the Hypnotist. Four transformational weeks with John starting Monday 18th July 2016.

John Vincent

The Learn Hypnosis Masterclass: Secure Your Early Bird Ticket Today

These are real secrets. In this Masterclass John will be sharing the skills he has spent thousands of pounds and over 20 years learning, honing and adapting…

This is Ericksonian Hypnosis with the John Vincent twist 😉

The Learn Hypnosis Masterclass was originally planned to be $995 but John wanted to ensure that this class was affordable for anyone truly serious about learning these Secrets and making lasting, positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others.

Today you can access the whole 4 week course, including over 8 hours of training, powerful hacks, exercises and techniques for deepening your understanding and honing your skills, plus over $591 worth of Bonuses…

And you can Access the Lot for just two payments of $97!

Are You Ready to Become the Hypnotist?

Make it Happen in Just 8 Weeks. Discover the Secrets of Hypnosis, Start Making Life Transformations in Your Life and Be the Instigator in Other People’s Happiness

Class Starts Monday 18th July 2016 - Secure Your Early Bird Seat Today!

Join the Masterclass Today

Learn Hypnosis 8 Week Intensive Course

Learn Hypnosis Plus Rapport Master & Free Your Mind FREE

Just two payments of $97 

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  • Learn to hypnotise yourself and others
  • Create quick and lasting life changes
  • Master your own emotions
  • Take control of your thinking
  • Become an effortless communicator
  • Live up to your full potential
  • Help yourself and others overcome fears, worries and anxieties

Learn the Secrets of Hypnosis with a 100% 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee…

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We’re confident you are going to love this course. 

So we can confidently offer it to you today 100% Risk Free.

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Go Straight to Top of the Class with One-to-One Coaching

Would you like to excel your progress even further?

John is offering a limited number of private training sessions over Skype.

Each and every week, on top of your weekly masterclass and LIVE group session, you will also get private one to one access to John via Skype where you can ask anything you want and more...

This private tuition will be tailored to suit you specific needs to ensure you’re top of the class.

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Learn Hypnosis Masterclass

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.43.21 8 Week Intensive Course

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.43.21 Plus Rapport Master & Free Your Mind FREE

Just two payments of $97

Want to Excel to the Top of the Class?

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Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.43.21 8 Week Intensive Course

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.43.21 4x One-to-One Sessions

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 15.43.21 Plus Rapport Master & Free Your Mind FREE

Just $995

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