Manifesting is subtle stuff… but can have HUGE results

#1 Start looking for Coincidences, Synchronicities and other examples of Manifesting in your life.

Rather than looking forward to all the things you want, take a moment to look back at the things that have happened for you that are truly wonderful.

Looking forward visualising what you do want is, of course the main reason for manifesting and one of the things that can increase your success manifesting the life you want is focusing on past successes.  This is a powerful way to increase your manifesting abilities... allowing you to re-experience more of the things you enjoy.

Because the more your start tuning your awareness to notice examples of things happening at the same time (unexpected good luck and fortune)… actively looking for meaningful coincidences and experiences and things coming to you, the more you will see them.

Where you put your attention... you put your attention.

#2 Keep a journal

Write down all of the amazing coincidences, experiences and items that come to you… because I want to hear about them! Write your AMAZING experiences up and send them to me 🙂

One of the best skills you can master is an attitude of gratitude... generating good feelings and feelings of gratitude, while you think about the things that you want...

#3 Receive

Yep, get ready to enjoy more...

Opportunities are more abundant when you are looking for them. When your Reticular Activation System (RAS) is set on course  looking for a thing your see it... and get to have it.

Keeping your eyes open to opportunity and taking them, taking Efficient Action to receive the things you desire.

These simple ideas will are something you can use today that will increase your Sphere of Availability and help you manifest more into your life.

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From a Maverick Esoteric Thinker & Author of the 1960’s

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