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“Soothe Your Soul”

Improve Your Concentration, Unlock Solutions, Increase Your Memory and Reduce Stress ALL in Just 37 Minutes

Now YOU Can Boost YOUR Brain Power, Accelerate Your Healing and Relax Deeply with this Incredible Music

We live in a world that demands fast results and constant productivity. While good for the economy, this state of being can cause us more stress and health problems.

Our minds can become too busy and cluttered and our spirits can feel dragged down by this lifestyle.

Soothe Your Soul with Peace of Mind

Do YOU find it difficult to ‘Switch Off’ at the end of the day and leave the stresses of the day behind?

So many people find after a whole day wound up in the (beta) trials of their day, when they get home they find it difficult to relax. The concerns of the day invade their ‘Down Time’. And this has a negative effect on relationships, family time and your own well being.

Have You Ever Heard the Saying ‘Leave Your Work Behind’?

We all know we should walk away at the end of the work day, leave the stresses behind and take time out for us. But we need a way to make that switch...

Some people use exercise to make that 'switch', others use meditation, or listening to music and these are all good in their own ways but the stresses of the day can creep in if you don’t take more active steps to RELAX properly...

 Moving From the Beta to the Theta State

Our brains are brimming with electrical activity every single minute of our lives. Brainwaves differ from each other by their frequency.

Beta waves are the most common state of normal waking conditions, its that busy, everyday setting. When you relax you move into an Alpha state. And you would move into a Delta brainwave state when you fall into a deep sleep.

Theta Brainwaves Cause the Brain to be in a State Between the Relaxed Alpha and the Unconscious Delta

But it’s not just about Relaxation... When you train your brain to have higher levels of theta brainwaves you will also:

  • Create a deeper connection with your emotions, allowing you to rule your emotions rather than your emotions ruling you
  • Become more creative, and see problems from a new angle, unlocking the solutions that evade the beta mind
  • Increase your memory and concentration, theta brainwaves boost your brain power throughout the day
  • Reduce your stress, increasingly stress is recognised as the route cause to many illnesses both mental and physical
  • Get a better nights rest, a goods nights sleep is important for your hormone production and lack of sleep has a dramatic affect on health, beauty and brain power
  • Accelerate your healing, allowing your body and mind to rejuvenate and energise

So, How Do You Increase Your Levels of Theta Brainwaves?

Well, Steve Skudler and Jeff Gignac have made things a whole lot easier for you...

Steve is a musician and therapist, he is a natural at creating and producing music that helps relax and inspire people. And he has created some incredible, deeply relaxing music for you here.

Jeff is considered by many to be one of the leading experts in Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE) technology and he uses a cutting-edge technology to create 3D sounds which means you don’t even have to use headphones, the music appears to fill and bounce off walls and objects in a room.

Combining Beautiful Relaxing Music with Cutting Edge Brainwave Entrainment

Steve’s incredibly beautiful music combined with Jeff’s Brain Wave Entrainment guides you down from your beta state to a deeply relaxing and meditative theta state.

The audio starts with in the mid Beta range and continues to gradually sink to 5.5 Hz which is a very relaxing, peaceful and meditative state. There is also a 1 Hz beat that flows through the entire track helping You to let go of stress and encourage your mind and body to rejuvenate.

“The music on the audio is absolutely stunning and is pure joy to listen to. The Brainwave Entrainment part, by Jeff Gignac works wonders. The Theta waves manage to relax me to such an extent that I do not feel like moving when the audio is over, and I have occasionally fallen asleep. Kudos to Steve Skudler and Jeff Gignac for putting together a wonderful album.”  Chris Elliott

This Amazing BWE Music Guides You From Beta to the Deeply Relaxing and Meditative Theta, Without the Need of Headphones

The audio starts in the busy beta state - the usual awake and alert state. It is then easier to guide you down to theta - this technique is called the strong frequency following response.

Using the special 3D sound technology means that you don’t need to wear headphones and makes this incredible music a perfect sleep aid

When this audio is played on stereo speakers in a room, you notice that there is slight 3D element to this audio which will fill and bounce off walls and objects in a room in a way that encourages relaxation.

Long Term Benefits of BWE Include Quicker Thinking, Extraordinary Levels of Performance and Even Anti-Aging

Between them Steve and Jeff have put together an awesome 37 minute audio which sounds beautiful and is perfect for listening to:

  • During meditation or medative exercising such as yoga
  • Just listening to it and relaxing after work will help you to make the ‘switch’ from the stressful day to the relaxing evening without the aid of alcohol (sadly one of the most commonly used mediums for this)
  • And with the 3D technology you can even use this music as a sleep aid without any headphone issues

When you train your brain to have higher levels of theta brainwaves you will create a deeper connection and control of your emotions, become more creative, with a stronger intuition and improve your long term memory. With more theta brainwaves you become able to get into the zone and hyper-focused when necessary and when you want.

Music Has an Amazing Effect on the Mind

What was the last song you listened to?

There is a reason you were so drawn to listen to it. It might have put you in a great mood or eased your worry. It might have brought back memories from days gone by.

Playing a cheerful song at the end of a long day can go a long way toward improving your mood. Playing mellowing music can help you get to sleep at night. Playing upbeat music can help you get into the right mood to go out and have fun with your friends.

You can even use music to boost YOUR brain power, improve your meditation, relaxation and heal your mind and body

So when you take incredible music and add a splash of BWE...

Are You Ready to Get ALL the Benefits of Increased Theta Brainwaves with Incredible Music?

Now, consider for a moment what this incredible music could mean to you...

If when you get home from work take some time for yourself to listen to this incredible track, to meditate and to ‘switch off’ from the stresses of work, how much more enjoyable and relaxing would the rest of your evening be.

If you listened to this incredible music as you drifted off to sleep how much more rested would you be, how much more able would you be to face any of the days challenges and how much easier would solutions come to you.

If you just listened to this in the morning while you got ready for your day how much more relaxed and in control of your emotions would you be.

Imagine you did just one of the above, how would that boost in theta brainwaves improve your life?

“Peace of Mind is totally awesome. I start my day with it to help me get into a nice "flow" for the day to expect great things to happen. Great things and people are happening. Thank you”.  Romeo

“Afterwards the worries of the world seemed unimportant”.  Fay

The powerful combination of relaxing music and Brainwave Entrainment (utilising 3D technology) is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your life or your money back.

This Audio Could Have an Unlimited Lifetime Value to Your Health and Well Being!

But the price of this incredible music is just $9.97 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Plus, when you buy Peace of Mind today, you'll get another download: Rest Assured by Steve for FREE...

Rest Assured is soothing, spiritually inspiring and gently empowering music that can be used to create a healing, mentally cleansing and stress-free environment. It comes without BWE so you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. The perfect accompaniment to Peace of Mind.


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I guarantee you will love this music, if you aren’t completely happy with it when you have listened to it and enjoyed the benefits of relaxing to this music, then you can have an instant and full refund of your money.

In fact you can have a full refund for any reason, anytime in the next 60 days.  100% Guaranteed.

In Summary What is Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is an incredible 37 Minute MP3 expertly combining:

  • Beautiful music from therapist Steve Skudler, designed to inspire and relax
  • Incredible Brainwave Entrainment technology from Jeff Gignac to guide you from the busy Beta state down through the creative Alpha into a deeply relaxing Theta state
  • 3D sound technology makes the music surrounds you and you don’t need to wear headphones

Peace of Mind will:

  • Boost your Brain Power, unlock solutions and help you become more creative
  • Improve your concentration and long term memory
  • Accelerate your healing, release stress and help you to relax deeply
  • Rejuvenate your mind and body and let it heal itself
  • Create deeper emotional connections and stronger intuition

Going Further With YOUR Bonus Rest Assured

Rest Assured is a soothing, spiritually inspiring and empowering track that doesn’t contain BWE which means you can listen to this relaxing music anywhere throughout the day.

Created by Steve Skudler, this is another great example of his natural ability to create music that helps relax and inspire people.

Specifically designed to create a healing, mentally cleansing and stress-free environment Rest Assured is the perfect companion piece to Peace of Mind.

And when you buy Peace of Mind today you can download Steve’s Rest Assured FREE

Boost YOUR Brain Power, Accelerate Your Healing and Relax Deeply with Peace of Mind

Invest In YOUR Health & Well Being Today!

1/3 OFF 3 Day Sale - Only $14.95 $9.97

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