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The Conscious Mind Primer

Imagine your unconscious mind is the hard disk of a bio-computer with its own operating system and software that runs your current life.

You unconscious mind is irrational and deals with habitual behaviors. It cannot distinguish from negative or positive, it just replays programs (habits) loaded into it since your were born.

Your conscious mind deals with rational decision making, it also acts like a filter for all the noise and information that bombards you all day long from your environment.

Your conscious mind hates multitasking and it prefers doing one activity at a time. Under stress and when forced to multitask, as many of us do in this hectic modern times, its ability to protect your unconscious mind from negative information is disrupted.

Sleight of hand magicians and stage hypnotists take advantage of this fact when they distract their subjects and bypass the rational conscious mind planting suggestions into the unconscious.

Your conscious mind is a powerful tool to getting the life you want. When you learn to take control of your conscious mind you can write positive programs into your unconscious mind that form empowered habits.

The Conscious Mind Primer is a powerful 22 sessionĀ for your conscious mind, to prepare it for the transformation ahead.

The Conscious Mind Primer

This session is designed to prepare your conscious mind to allow your unconscious to be reprogrammed for the key success habits that make up the core components of the Peak Power Hypnosis program

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