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Imagine your unconscious mind is the hard disk of a bio-computer with its own operating system and software that runs your current life.

You unconscious mind is irrational and deals with habitual behaviors. It cannot distinguish from negative or positive, it just replays programs (habits) loaded into it since your were born.

Your conscious mind deals with rational decision making, it also acts like a filter for all the noise and information that bombards you all day long from your environment.

Your conscious mind hates multitasking and it prefers doing one activity at a time. Under stress and when forced to multitask, as many of us do in this hectic modern times, its ability to protect your unconscious mind from negative information is disrupted.

Sleight of hand magicians and stage hypnotists take advantage of this fact when they distract their subjects and bypass the rational conscious mind planting suggestions into the unconscious.

Your conscious mind is a powerful tool to getting the life you want. When you learn to take control of your conscious mind you can write positive programs into your unconscious mind that form empowered habits.

The Conscious Mind Primer is a powerful 30 minute hypnotic journey designed to speak directly to your conscious mind and to prepare it for the transformation ahead.

Step 1: Conscious Mind Primer

This session is designed to prepare your conscious mind to allow your unconscious to be reprogrammed for the key success habits that make up the core components of the Peak Power Hypnosis program

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Remember To Reward Yourself After Every Exercise!

Your brain loves rewards.

When you set a goal or an exercise to complete and you know there is a reward if you complete it, your brain starts to release several feel good neurotransmitters. The most important involved is dopamine.

Dopamine is linked with desire. When we achieve something, we get a big dose of dopamine which makes us feel good. When we don’t get what we want, we release stress hormones like cortisol and our dopamine levels fall. This gives us a low mood with less energy to do the things we want.

When you give yourself a reward for completing goals, just thinking about that reward gives you bursts of motivating dopamine.

On the other hand just the feeling a fear of failure will make you produce less dopamine and more stress hormones, giving you an unpleasant feeling.

It is important to pick higher rewards for higher value goals, such as a dream vacation for getting your first income goal with your business or a competitive job promotion.

It is also important to pick rewards that you really want for smaller goals. An example could even be a reward that actually allowed you to complete your goals more efficiently. Such as faster computer, ipad or lap top.

Little daily goals could be rewarded with buying a new music album you like, or night out to see a new film.

Just having a reward to work toward will actually make you more motivated to succeed, and more conscious about avoiding failure.

If you make it a repeat process, your brain will start to associate that large dose of dopamine you get from finally earning that reward with whatever exercise you assigned it to, making you want to do it more often with or without the reward.

This will make completing exercises an empowered habit and more fun to do!