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Create Deep and Lasting Change with the Power of Hypnosis and NLP

Reprogramming and Rewiring your Brain for Success and Happiness

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Are You Ready To Become More:

Confident, Focused, Motivated, Creative, Happy, Abundant

In Every Area Of Your Life?

The best thing is that innate confidence, motivation, positivity and creativity are in all of us. And with the right set of tools you can unlock them, you can be as happy and successful as you want to be. You can unlock your fullest potential and become the best version of YOU.

And guess what? It doesn’t have to take years to achieve that kind of self-esteem or drive. In as little as 6 weeks that inner superstar inside of you can emerge. You can have control over your own personal transformation and your own destiny.

In fact, you won’t really have to wait 6 weeks. Because once you start down this path, you’ll start to see positive results from day one.

Success and happiness hinges on your own ability to stay motivated, confident and positive. Only once you figure out how to attain and maintain these qualities will your life go in the direction you want.

All of us have that potential to be happier, more confident and more driven. But not all of us can tap into these innate qualities and shine.

Why do you think that is?

Because it takes the right approach to unlock that potential. Sure you could spend years meditating or invest hundreds of dollars visiting various psychologists. But there is a simpler, more effective way to unleash that best version of you.

The Personal Transformation System has the capacity to reprogram your conscious as well as your sub-conscious mind so you can become that confident successful version of yourself you always knew you could be.

Special V2.0 Launch Offer - Only $197  $97

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  • Unleash Your Inner Celebrity. Enhance your charisma and boost your confidence to become the best version of YOU.

  • Gain More Esteem and Respect. Increase your self-image so others view you differently and get the acknowledgement you deserve.

  • Increase Your Energy and Your Drive. Gain the motivation to get fit, learn something new, meet new people and follow through on your deepest desires.

  • Activate Your Innate Creativity. Increase your ability to see outside the box, to problem solve and spot the best opportunities available.

Let Me Ask You A Question…

Have you ever seen someone in the same industry (maybe even in your office) get promoted over you? And have you thought that you are just as good as them, or maybe you’re even better skilled. So why did they get promoted over you???

Have you ever seen and admired an entrepreneur, someone following their passion and making a living doing what they truly love doing? That they are passionate about. Can you imagine how freeing that would be? Imagine following your passion or interests, doing what you really want to do in life, how amazing would that be?

In either case, I'm sure you've heard all the excuses… they’re just lucky… it’s not what you know but who you know… etc

But usually the only REAL difference, the reason they are succeeding ahead of their peers, is that they TAKE ACTION. They SEE the Opportunity, they are confident and motivated to do what needs to be done and THEY BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!!!

And I want YOU to be the Man or Woman Who Can TOO…

Are You Ready To Become More:

Confident, Focused, Motivated, Creative, Happy, Abundant

In Every Area Of Your Life?

What if I told you that rather than going on some lengthy journey of self discovery, you could obtain that same level of self realisation instantly…

What if in 6 simple steps I showed you the secrets to unlocking your full potential. 6 simple steps where you saw instant results every step of the way and you became the very best version of yourself…

I want to share with you my 6 Step Formula, 6 simple steps specifically designed to give you control over your own Personal Transformation.

What would it mean to you to be more confident, focused, motivated, creative, happy and abundant?

Are You Ready to Make Positive Changes in Your Life?

Change Yourself, Change Your World!

Hi, my name is John Vincent and I want to share with you a secret… I want to share with you the only real difference between highly successful people and the average person.

while boarding a flight recently, as I waited to show my boarding pass the lady at the gate began to get quite flustered, until she looked at my passport that is. It transpired that she had thought I was a famous actor! But this isn’t new!

When I was in Mauritius, I was stopped twice by two separate strangers, who both thought I looked like Johnny Depp! Now I don’t look anything like Johnny Depp…

But for over a decade complete strangers have been coming up to me, and somehow feel the need to tell me that I look like… various Hollywood actors, musicians, a billionaire celebrity entrepreneur and even a charismatic politician we have over here in the UK.

Now Eddie Izzard, David Spade and Johnny Depp look nothing like each other and I don’t look like any of them! So why does this happen? It’s not because I shop in fancy-dress shops and walk around looking like Captain Jack Sparrow! I don’t.

It’s definitely not the way I ‘look’ because I don’t look like Richard Branson (although I've lost count of the amount of times I've been told that), neither do I look like Kevin Bacon, David Bowie or the countless others I get likened to by total strangers, it’s not that I wear the same outfits as them. The reason that on the outside I get mistaken for these people is because of what’s going on in the inside!

Personal Transformation is a Choice...

While Other People Stagnate You Can Get Ahead Using This Cutting Edge Dynamic System And See Instant Results Every Step of the Way

The Personal Transformation System contains 6 modules, each addressing different areas of your life that lead to success: confidence, motivation, self-image, positivity, creativity and happiness.

Within each module, are 3 components:

  1. The Conscious Mind NLP Session
  2. The Unconscious Mind Hypnosis Sessions
  3. The HypnosisSleep Session

It’s these components that give you the capacity to completely transform your life. In them I unleash the power of both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Let’s face it. No amount of 'taking action' is going to help you if your unconscious mind continues to sabotage your efforts. If you want to make real lasting change, you need to address these two areas of your brain.

As children, we all take on certain belief systems. These imprints stay with us for the rest of our lives, unless we actively work to change them that is…

To truly become confident and motivated, you need to banish the old mental routines that work against you and adopt newer, healthier ones. The Personal Transformation System gives you the tools to create new empowering beliefs and reprogram your unconscious mind for success.

Each of the 6 components is lazer focused on a specific fundamental area of your life so you see instant improvements right away. Every step of the way, you will become more positive about life and gain the courage and confidence to start living your dreams.

Become the Best Version of You

Confidence and Charisma:

Get the Confidence to know you can succeed and the Charisma to carry it off

Confidence transcends so many aspects of life, commonly people focus on confidence to be bold, to stand out and speak their mind but it is far more than this. You have to be confident to follow your dreams, confident in your ability, in yourself, confident to get promotions, to talk on the phone, to do public speaking, to wear what you want to wear…

Many issues and fears in people’s lives ultimately come down to a lack of confidence but when you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too. Have more confidence and become more charismatic both socially and in business.

Create confidence not arrogance… sometimes people confuse these two. They think that to be confident is to be arrogant and that is just not the case. They are separate things. To have confidence is to have the strength and belief in yourself to succeed, to be brave and take action, to share your thoughts and knowledge…

Everyone has room for more confidence in their life and the NLP and hypnosis session in this component will build your confidence and boost charisma in both social and business situations.

  • Build confidence and the belief in your own abilities to succeed

  • Learn how to instantly boost your confidence in situations where it failed you in the past

  • Let the inner you shine. Stand tall and become the person you always knew you could be

Self Image Supercharger:

Your self image, strongly held, essentially determines who you become

Your self-image, strongly held, ultimately determines who you become. It is the guide map for how your unconscious mind thinks you want to be.

Think about it this way… If you reprogrammed your mind so you imagined yourself walking tall, looking cool and confident, do you think you would walk taller and be more confident? What you feel on the inside leaks out and becomes what people see on the outside.

If you have a negative self-image, not only will you feel rubbish about yourself, it will leak out. People will see it and get a ‘poor feeling’ about you.

What Guide Map Are You Giving Your Unconscious Mind?

Create a positive self-image and believe in yourself. You will feel better about yourself and others will get a 'good feeling' about you too. When you believe in yourself you are able to do more and become more, this is the 'glue' that holds your personal transformation together...

Believe you can be the person you want to be, get a clear image of how you would like to be and become it with 'Self Image Supercharger'.

  • Create a positive self-image. Change the guide map for your unconscious, become the person you want to be

  • Think of yourself as confident, attractive, knowledgeable and charismatic. Start to feel great about yourself today

  • See yourself in a positive light. Believe in yourself and others believe in you too

Instant Motivation:

Are you ready for a massive energy boost in your life?

The number one reason most people fail is because of a lack of motivation. Motivation to get started, motivation to take the action you know you need to take and motivation to keep that initial momentum going.

How often have you put off starting something and then when you finally do start you found it was far easier than you imagined? So much so that you wondered why you didn’t start it sooner in the first place. Sound familiar?

Get motivated and focused on your project, work, getting fit, for focused study... Get motivated and excited to start living the life of your dreams. Get the energy boost you need to succeed with 'instant motivation'.

You can be in control of your own motivation in your life! Whether you need it in your personal life, maybe to get motivated to become fitter, healthier or any make the changes you want. Or in your business life, to get started and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Motivation is at the core of all action. Whether you succeed or fail depends upon this variable. Motivation is Power!

You CAN become motivated at will, to instantly increase your motivation at will, anywhere and any time. Make the changes you need and stay motivated and on track for your success.

  • Get motivated and excited to take action. Make that ‘first step’ down the road to success easier with an instant boost of energy

  • Become motivated at will and maintain your momentum throughout the day. Achieve the goals you set in both your business and personal life

  • Learn the powerful skill of ‘anchoring’ your motivation so you can draw on it at will for instant energy whenever you need it

Creativity Activator:

See the Creative Solutions and Opportunities to Create Abundance in Your Life

Creativity isn’t just for artists. Every thought is a creative thought and every person is capable of creative thought and applied creativity in their life.

We’ve all had those moments where we stare blankly at the computer screen in front of us, where we needed inspiration, where we were unsure how to proceed, we needed the words or the solution to a problem to just flow from us.

And that is what this is all about. Because when you reach an obstacle, a way over it, around it or through it can always be found, you just need a bit of creativity!

We are all naturally creative in different ways, it might be in the kitchen, in business, with sales, with arts and writing, with gardening… the trick is to recognise the power of your creative mind and to be able to harness it. When you can harness your creative mind you can apply that same power and creativity to different areas of your life.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” Albert Einstein

  • Harness the power of your creative mind and become more imaginative in every area of your life

  • See outside the box. Find solutions to problems more quickly and easily, with more lucidity of thought

  • Eradicate the ‘writers block’ in your mind. Allow inspiration to flow effortlessly from you


Get the Power of a Positive Perspective!

Positive thinking is an attitude of focusing on the bright side of life and expecting positive results.

With a positive attitude you can anticipate your success and focus much more clearly on achieving it. You know you can overcome obstacles and so are more open to see the possible solutions.

When you have a positive attitude, you feel happier and you broadcast that happiness and success to others. And people are attracted to positive people, they want to be around them and they are more inclined to help you when you have a positive and cheery disposition

On planet Earth things happen, it’s how you choose to react to them that is the measure of your character. You are in control of your emotions, you can change them and you will learn how to with Personal transformations… you CAN choose to become more optimistic.

“The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground” Wallace Wattles

  • Become an optimist and focus your attention and efforts on positive results. Start to function productively even in difficult situations

  • Wake up happy and positive to start your day and you will be amazed what a great day you will have and how much more energy you will have

  • Enjoy life more, smile more and see the ‘silver lining’. With a positive perspective you are healthier, happier and wealthy

Life Long Happiness:

No matter where you are in life there is always more room for happiness

Everyone has room for more happiness in life. Although they may have a list of things that they want to achieve. Ultimately when you break down that list and find out what those things will really achieve… what everyone is truly striving strives for is happiness, under the guise of other goals.

Plus, if you are happy then you tend to find happiness in every situation. If you are sad, you tend to find the negative in situations. Life is too precious to be wasted on being sad.

No matter what your lifestyle, if you are happy, your life will be more fulfilling and successful. And the best bit is, the more happy you are, the easier it will be to make the right decisions.

When you are happy you are focused on the positive and actively ‘tuned in’ to positive things. You will see the opportunities that lead to more happiness. And the happier you are, the easier it will become to reach your goals. Plus, when you are happier you will be having more fun whilst you are on your path to transformation.

But most importantly… happiness is not something you can obtain from the outside, it comes from inside you. You must first be happy to create a life of happiness.

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be" Abraham Lincoln

  • Take control on your own emotions. Increase, improve and ramp up your happiness at will

  • Release your inner optimism, and smile more. Choose to become a happier person

  • Wake up happy each day with a big smile on your face and start your day the right way

The Proof is in the Results. Check Out What People Have to Say About John’s Transformational Work:

Your Hypnosis is 'Mind Bending...

"You are an excellent example of the craft! I've got to say your hypnosis is 'mind bending'. Even after listening to many other hypnotists and recordings over the years and being an Ericksonian hypnotherapist!"


Effortlessly Carries Out Interventions…

"I was struck by the level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of NLP that John has as he effortlessly carries out interventions and is a master of the use of language and the NLP toolbox to effect change."

Rose Evans

“I have suffered from a panic/anxiety disorder for over 18 years. I wouldn't think in a million years I could ever dance again, let alone do a style of dance I have never trained in before. The Tango is a special art and takes massive concentration. Through your work, I was able to visualize each step with such clarity and calmness that when it came to the time, I actually remembered all my steps. I held your teachings firm in my mind throughout the whole routine. It's your work that actually helped me cross the finish line. I'm truly ever so grateful to you because I have made a HUGE shift, and that shift is propelling me forward and moving me away from any fears. And as you know. I'm going to do it again in Athens. YAY!!”

Kaaren D

Out of a Sea of Confusion...

“Your recordings actually help to get a person out of a sea of confusion and even lies that are constantly being spun in today’s society”

Lucas Roets

I came out in such a peaceful state...

"Well done John. I have listened to plenty of meditation/hypnosis sessions in the past over decades and I cannot remember when I came out in such a peaceful state as when I have listened to your session one"

John Pascoe

To read more comments about John's transnational work check out the full testimonials page

Are You ready to Unlock Your True Self and Supercharge Your Full Potential with the Power of Personal TransformationsTM large?

It’s time to become the very best version of yourself…

In this series you will be guided through 6 simple components specifically designed to give you control over the rate and speed of your own Personal Transformation. You will unlock your full potential and see instant results every step of the way.

Unlock and Supercharge Your Full Potential

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  • Get re-enthused with YOUR life, get passionate about the life you are living now and you will succeed in creating the future you want
  • Feel great about yourself everyday, because when you believe in yourself, others can believe in you too
  • Become a natural optimist, someone who is much more able to function productively in situations that previously stressed you out
  • Unlock your hidden skills, supercharge your full potential, release your inner celebrity, become someone who turns heads, someone who gets peoples attention
  • Love where you are now so you can more than fill your current place and ascend to the place you want to be
  • Tap into your creative centre and find the solutions and inspiration that were previously hidden to you
  • Get motivated and take confident action to make positive changes in your life effortlessly in a step-by-step manner
  • Break free of the chains holding you back and start making your dreams come true
  • Achieve your ultimate goal and learn the secrets of lifelong happiness

Invest in YOU and Start Your Personal Transformational Journey Today

It’s time unlock your true self and supercharge your full potential with a $100.00 discount - Today Just $97

Get Started NowFull Personal Transformation Program

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Your “No Questions Asked” RISK FREE Guarantee

Give the Personal Transformation Program 60 days, listen to it the whole way through, one module at a time.

If you don’t find yourself making positive transformations or you don't like it for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you in full… no questions asked.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so if you're not happy, we don’t want your money. It’s as simple as that

When You Invest In Personal TransformationsTM large Today You Will Receive:

The Full Personal Transformation Series:

Six targeted components focused on six essential areas of you. Each containing 3 fundamental elements:

  • Dynamic Hypnosis Sessions
  • Powerful Mind Reprogramming Tools
  • Effortless HyonosisSleep Sessions

Changing Consciously & Unconsciously. Both Together at the Same Time. Empowering both your conscious and unconscious mind and getting them working in harmony together to achieve your goals. (Each one of these components is easily worth $69 each!)

  • Confidence and Charisma: Get the Confidence to know you can succeed and the Charisma to let the inner you shine out. Become confident with competence
  • Self Image Supercharger: Create a positive self-image, a guide map of how you want to be. Then make the changes that are right for you and become the very best version of yourself
  • Instant Motivation: Become motivated and excited to achieve your goals, both in your personal and business life
  • Creativity Activator: See the creative solutions and opportunities in your life. Harness the awesome power of your creative mind
  • Positivity: Enjoy life more with the power of a positive attitude. Smile more and see the ‘silver lining’. With a positive perspective you are healthier, happier and wealthier
  • Life Long Happiness: Be in the driving seat of your own emotions. Increase, improve and ramp up your ‘background’ happiness. Feel great everyday

Plus Unbelievable Amounts of Bonus Content

Specially chosen to complement and enhance your Personal Transformation journey even further.
To give you a powerful head start for your own Personal Transformation Journey.

  • Abundance Mentality Hypnosis Session: Activate your abundance mentality effortlessly and easily unleash an attitude of success into every area of your life
  • Abundance Mentality Conscious Mind Primer: Banish the poverty blocks that are hindering your wealth creation and start welcoming riches into your life
  • Focus and Tranquility Breathwork: Get your whole brain activated. This breathing technique improves your brain function and increases your health and relaxation
  • Morning Gratitude Booster: Start every day from a position of gratitude, then you will begin effortlessly attracting more of what you want

All this amazing content is easily worth $999. (In fact I’ve spent 20 years and over $50, 000 dollars learning this information!)

But I am not going to charge you anywhere near this amount. Why? Because I want as many serious and committed people as possible to benefit from this valuable information.

I know you don’t want to waste another day not living up to your fullest potential. So today, as part of our special anniversary sale I am offering my Personal Transformation System plus all the bonus material for just $197 $97.

Create Deep and Lasting Change with the Power of Hypnosis and NLP

Reprogramming and Rewiring your Brain for Success and Happiness

This approach is the most direct and effective way of making lasting change

This is an instant download series. No waiting on the postman, better for the environment and you get instant access even at 3am!

Everything is neatly housed in a members site, meaning you will ALWAYS have access to your product even if you lose your downloads.

YES! John, I am ready to get started Now with Personal Transformation and make the changes I want in my life, quickly and easily.

I understand that by buying Personal Transformation today, I am receiving a HUGE 75% Discount that is available for a limited time only. Plus the Awesome bonus content.

Special V2.0 Launch Offer - Only $197  $97

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Sit Back, Relax and Create Deep and Lasting Change with the Power of Hypnosis and NLP

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