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As you probably know by now, I like things that work, personal development tools, mind hacks and short cuts to the life of your dreams. Things that give you a true advantage to make a difference in your life for the better. To get the life you want, a good life full of happiness, in the shortest time possible.

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Unlock Your Full Potential Today & Wake Up to a New You

  • Enhance your charisma and boost your confidence. Unleash your inner Celebrity, Stand tall and become the very best version of you

  • Set you sights higher, raise your self-image, boost your self-esteem, and increase your worth and value in the eyes of others

  • Get your own ‘Motivation Accelerator’. Become motivated to get fit, learn something new, meet new people… become the rocket that is set to reach your dreams

  • Creativity is artistic, articulate and talented. It is also the effortless stratigiser, the problem solver, and the opportunity seeker. Get your creativity fully activated NOW

Are You Ready To Become More:

Confident, Focused, Motivated, Creative, Happy, Abundant

In Every Area Of Your Life?

Have you ever seen someone in the same industry (maybe even in your office) get promoted over you? And have you thought that you are just as good as them, or maybe you’re even better skilled. So why did they get promoted over you???

Have you ever seen and admired an entrepreneur, someone following their passion and making a living doing what they truly love doing? That they are passionate about. Can you imagine how freeing that would be? Imagine following your passion or interests, doing what you really want to do in life, how amazing would that be?

In either case, I'm sure you've heard all the excuses… they’re just lucky… it’s not what you know but who you know… etc

But usually the only REAL difference, the reason they are succeeding ahead of their peers, is that they TAKE ACTION. They SEE the Opportunity, they are confident and motivated to do what needs to be done and THEY BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!!!

And I want YOU to be the Man or Woman Who Can TOO…

Personal Transformation is a Choice...

While Other People Stagnate You Can Get Ahead Using This Cutting Edge Dynamic System And See Instant Results Every Step of the Way

In 6 highly targeted components you’ll become positive about life. Creating life long happiness and more abundance. Supercharging your confidence, charisma, self image and boosting your creativity.

This Personal Transformation series uses a unique combination of dynamic hypnosis sessions, cutting edge HypnosisSleep sessions and powerful NLP technology to harness both your conscious and unconscious mind. When you get them both working together in harmony toward your goals for positive breakthroughs, miracles can happen!*

* Not water into wine, but rags into riches! (Earnings disclaimer: Results are not typical)

Is Your Unconscious Mind Sabotaging Your Efforts?

Let’s face it, no amount of 'taking action' is going to help you if behind it all your unconscious mind is Sabotaging all your efforts! And this happens because the programming (behaviours and beliefs you have) are simply not true! The imprints we take on as children stay with us for the rest of our lives, unless we deliberately change them. The good news is we 'imprint' and take on new beliefs as we continue to grow.

It is time to banish the mental routines and programs that are working against you and stopping you from getting the life you want! It's time to create new empowering beliefs and habits and the good news is you can easily reprogram your unconscious mind for success.

Conscious Mind NLP Sessions

Powerful Proven NLP Techniques That Put You Back in Control of Your Own Thoughts and Behaviour

Your biggest enemy is you! If you don’t take control of your own thoughts and behaviour you will lose ground…

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like an owners manual for your brain. You can take control, and literally reprogram, your own habits and behaviours...

I have seen it first hand, time and time again. And I know YOU will succeed because I’m taking no chances here. You will get a complete system. NLP conscious mind tools and Dynamic Hypnosis sessions. Using the two together you don't just get posititive change, you get the focused, positive changes you want.

‘Neuro’ refers to the neurology of the brain and how it can be influenced by language ‘Linguistic’. And the re-patterning of habits, behaviours, limiting beliefs etc is the ‘Programming’ part of the name, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Break free of the chains holding you back and reprogram your mind for success with NLP sessions tailored to your needs

Each NLP session focuses on breakthrough tools and simple step-by-step techniques to harness the conscious part of your mind. To give you the controls to your own behaviours. Plus some awesome ‘cheats’ for getting even quicker results.

I learned NLP from the best, from Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP). And for the last 10 years I have been a part of the NLP Assisting Team, helping tens of thousands of people to learn NLP.

Using my advanced NLP experience, I have created some simple steps for you to see instant positive changes in your life. Aswell as create instant change, these NLP sessions are designed to give your mind the structure of the change you desire. And this structure is then given to your unconcious mind using the power of the dynamic hypnosis session for deep and lasting transformations.  They are a perfect compliment to each other to help you overcome the obstacles in the way of your success.

NLP is the fastest way to TAKE CONTROL of your internal programming and continue to take conscious action toward your ultimate goals.

  • Break free of the chains holding you back and start making your dreams come true
  • Learn the secrets of taking control of your thoughts and behaviours. Be in control of your actions and reprograming your mind for success
  • Believe in yourself and feel great about yourself everyday. You have to believe in yourself before others can believe in you

Dynamic Hypnosis Sessions

With These Dynamic Hypnosis Sessions You Can Relax and Achieve Personal Transformations Effotlessly

Hypnosis is a great way to cut straight through the self doubt and critical internal dialog. It cuts straight to your subconscious mind and effortlessly reprograms your mind for instant changes. Now is the time to update your own Personal Software.

“I still remember the first hypnosis cassette (yes remember cassettes?!) I got. It was a motivation session and I listened to it 5 times in the first week alone. And I will always remeber the dramatic impact it had on my life”

Now I have over 20 years experience practicing, recording and teaching hypnosis. And in these sessions I combine my unique style of advanced hypnosis with Theta Binaural Beat technology to boost your brains ability to learn and ensure you get the maximum from each session to see instant results.

The proven results of hypnosis speak for themselves and are used by: Successful Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Musicians, and the list just goes on and on.

It’s Time to Harness the Power of Your BRAINWAVES

Our brains are brimming with electrical activity every single minute of our lives. Our Brainwaves differ from each other by their frequency. From the busy Beta waves of normal waking conditions, to the deep Delta brainwaves of sleep.

Theta Brainwaves sit on the cusps between relaxed Alpha and the deep sleep of Delta. It is here that you are in the perfect state for accelerated learning. And that is why Theta Binaural Beats are used in these recordings.

These powerful hypnosis recordings go deep into your unconscious mind to maximise your hidden potential.

  • Get re-enthused with YOUR life. Get passionate about the life you are living right now and you will succeed in creating the future you want
  • Repattern your brain for success and become a natural optimist, someone who is much more able to function productively in situations that previously stressed you out
  • Learn how to suspend your critical thinking so you can tap into your creative centre and find the solutions and inspiration that were previously hidden from you before

HypnosisSleepTM large Sessions

These Ground Breaking HypnosisSleep Sessions Specialise in Making Your Personal Transformation Even Easier

To become a more creative, happy and abundant person you need to become more confident, charismatic and motivated. And with the HypnosisSleep sessions you can do all that while you sleep!

This is the ultimate in easy learning, all you have to do is press play, lay back and get a great nights sleep

Whilst you drift into a deep sleep with the relaxing music you put the powerful resources of your unconcious mind to work. Reprogramming and supercharging your unconscious mind for success.

These HypnosisSleep sessions are designed to be listened to after the main Hypnosis sessions and will give you long term reinforcement effortlessly.

Learning during your sleeping hours is a highly effective way to realise your full potential effortlessly.

Using Dynamic Hypnosis and music by Christopher Lloyd Clark BSc, MscD. Music that encourages deep relaxation, spiritual awakening, healing and altered sates of consciousness.

The HypnosisSleep sessions are specifically designed to harness the power of your unconscious whilst your body is at rest so you can absorb new information quickly and directly into your unconscious mind.

Plus, because the HypnosisSleep sessions take you into a deeper, more relaxed sleep state at the start of your night you will find you wake up from a HypnosisSleep night more refreshed, energised and ready to start your day.

These ground breaking HypnosisSleep sessions create powerful supercharging catalysts in Your Personal Transformation Journey

  • Become a quicker thinker, someone who has the answers and gets the creative solutions you want
  • Reduce stress and increase your feelings of well being and happiness in your life
  • Learn to love where you are right now so you can 'more than fill your current place' and ascend to the place you want to be

Making Sure This System Is Right For You

If you are ready to take this journey of self realisation and ready to make positive changes in your life with Personal Transformations you will:

  • Develop the attitude needed to see good opportunities and take action with the confidence and motivation to succeed
  • Unlock your hidden skills, supercharge your full potential, release your inner celebrity, and become someone who turns heads, someone who gets peoples attention
  • Learn the seven secrets of becoming more creative and how to implement them in your life for immediate inspiration and creative solutions
  • Get motivated and take confident action to make positive changes in your life effortlessly, in a step-by-step manner
  • Activate and supercharge the six critical areas of your life for instant positive results. Each one building on the last

Using 6 Highly Targeted Components You Will Become The Person You Really Want To Be!

Each of the 6 highly targeted components are lazer focused on a specific fundamental area of your life so you will see instant improvements right away. Component by component, you will become more positive about life, giving you life long happiness and more abundance whilst supercharging your confidence, motivation, charisma, self image and boosting your creativity.

Each of the 6 components contain three sections: the Dynamic Hypnosis Sessions (in two versions); the HypnosisSleep Session (for continued nighttime activation); and the NLP Sessions are all perfectly tailored to your needs within that component.

Take a look at each of the 6 key areas of your life that you are going to maximize...

Confidence and Charisma:

Get the Confidence to know you can succeed and the Charisma to carry it off

Confidence transcends so many aspects of life, commonly people focus on confidence to be bold, to stand out and speak their mind but it is far more than this. You have to be confident to follow your dreams, confident in your ability, in yourself, confident to get promotions, to talk on the phone, to do public speaking, to wear what you want to wear…

Many issues and fears in people’s lives ultimately come down to a lack of confidence but when you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too. Have more confidence and become more charismatic both socially and in business.

Create confidence not arrogance… sometimes people confuse these two. They think that to be confident is to be arrogant and that is just not the case. They are separate things. To have confidence is to have the strength and belief in yourself to succeed, to be brave and take action, to share your thoughts and knowledge…

Everyone has room for more confidence in their life and the NLP and hypnosis session in this component will build your confidence and boost charisma in both social and business situations.

  • Have the confidence to be brave and follow your dreams and the belief in your abilities to succeed

  • Learn how to instantly boost your confidence in situations where confidence failed you in the past

  • Let the inner you shine out. Stand tall and be confident to be the person you want to be

Self Image Supercharger:

Your self image, strongly held, essentially determines who you become

Your self-image, strongly held, ultimately determines who you become. It is the guide map for how your unconscious mind thinks you want to be.

Think about it this way… If you reprogrammed your mind so you imagined yourself walking tall, looking cool and confident, do you think you would walk taller and be more confident? What you feel on the inside leaks out and becomes what people see on the outside.

If you have a negative self-image, not only will you feel rubbish about yourself, it will leak out. People will see it and get a ‘poor feeling’ about you.

What Guide Map Are You Giving Your Unconscious Mind?

Create a positive self-image and believe in yourself. You will feel better about yourself and others will get a 'good feeling' about you too. When you believe in yourself you are able to do more and become more, this is the 'glue' that holds your personal transformation together...

Believe you can be the person you want to be, get a clear image of how you would like to be and become it with 'Self Image Supercharger'.

  • Create a positive self-image, a guide map for your unconscious mind of how you want to be. Set the course and become that person

  • Think yourself confident, attractive, knowledgeable and charismatic. Learn how to step into that ‘new you’ and feel great about yourself right now

  • Make the changes that are beneficial to you. See yourself in a positive light. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too

Instant Motivation:

Are you ready for a massive energy boost in your life?

The number one reason most people fail is because of a lack of motivation. Motivation to get started, motivation to take the action you know you need to take and motivation to keep that initial momentum going.

How often have you put off starting something and then when you finally do start you found it was far easier than you imagined? So much so that you wondered why you didn’t start it sooner in the first place. Sound familiar?

Get motivated and focused on your project, work, getting fit, for focused study... Get motivated and excited to start living the life of your dreams. Get the energy boost you need to succeed with 'instant motivation'.

You can be in control of your own motivation in your life! Whether you need it in your personal life, maybe to get motivated to become fitter, healthier or any make the changes you want. Or in your business life, to get started and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Motivation is at the core of all action. Whether you succeed or fail depends upon this variable. Motivation is Power!

You CAN become motivated at will, to instantly increase your motivation at will, anywhere and any time. Make the changes you need and stay motivated and on track for your success.

  • Get motivated and excited to take action and get started on the road that will lead you to success. Make that ‘first step’ easier with an instant boost of motivation

  • Become motivated at will and maintain your momentum throughout the day. Achieve the goals you set yourself in both your business and personal life

  • Learn the powerful skill of ‘anchoring’ your motivation so that you can draw on it at will for instant energising motivation whenever you need it

Creativity Activator:

See the Creative Solutions and Opportunities to Create Abundance in Your Life

Creativity isn’t just for artists. Every thought is a creative thought and every person is capable of creative thought and applied creativity in their life.

We’ve all had those moments where we stare blankly at the computer screen in front of us, where we needed inspiration, where we were unsure how to proceed, we needed the words or the solution to a problem to just flow from us.

And that is what this is all about. Because when you reach an obstacle, a way over it, around it or through it can always be found, you just need a bit of creativity!

We are all naturally creative in different ways, it might be in the kitchen, in business, with sales, with arts and writing, with gardening… the trick is to recognise the power of your creative mind and to be able to harness it. When you can harness your creative mind you can apply that same power and creativity to different areas of your life.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” Albert Einstein

  • Become more creative in every area of your life. Harness the power of your creative mind and find the way to make your dreams come true

  • Find the solutions to problems quicker and easier, with more lucidity of thought. Become a faster thinking person, someone with answers.

  • Unleash the ‘writers block’ in your mind, whatever it is that is holding back your creative juices. Let inspiration flow effortlessly from you


Get the Power of a Positive Perspective!

Positive thinking is an attitude of focusing on the bright side of life and expecting positive results.

With a positive attitude you can anticipate your success and focus much more clearly on achieving it. You know you can overcome obstacles and so are more open to see the possible solutions.

When you have a positive attitude, you feel happier and you broadcast that happiness and success to others. And people are attracted to positive people, they want to be around them and they are more inclined to help you when you have a positive and cheery disposition

On planet Earth things happen, it’s how you choose to react to them that is the measure of your character. You are in control of your emotions, you can change them and you will learn how to with Personal transformations… you CAN choose to become more optimistic.

“The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground” Wallace Wattles

  • Become an optimist and focus your attention and efforts on positive results. Start to function productively even in difficult situations

  • Wake up happy and positive to start your day and you will be amazed what a great day you will have and how much more energy you will have

  • Enjoy life more, smile more and see the ‘silver lining’. With a positive perspective you are healthier, happier and wealthy

Life Long Happiness:

No matter where you are in life there is always more room for happiness

Everyone has room for more happiness in life. Although they may have a list of things that they want to achieve. Ultimately when you break down that list and find out what those things will really achieve… what everyone is truly striving strives for is happiness, under the guise of other goals.

Plus, if you are happy then you tend to find happiness in every situation. If you are sad, you tend to find the negative in situations. Life is too precious to be wasted on being sad.

No matter what your lifestyle, if you are happy, your life will be more fulfilling and successful. And the best bit is, the more happy you are, the easier it will be to make the right decisions.

When you are happy you are focused on the positive and actively ‘tuned in’ to positive things. You will see the opportunities that lead to more happiness. And the happier you are, the easier it will become to reach your goals. Plus, when you are happier you will be having more fun whilst you are on your path to transformation.

But most importantly… happiness is not something you can obtain from the outside, it comes from inside you. You must first be happy to create a life of happiness.

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be" Abraham Lincoln

  • Take control on your own emotions. Increase, improve and ramp up your happiness at will

  • Release your inner optimism, and smile more. Choose to become a happier person

  • Wake up happy each day with a big smile on your face and start your day the right way

Check Out What People Are Saying About John's Transformational Work

Your Hypnosis is 'Mind Bending...

"You are an excellent example of the craft! I've got to say your hypnosis is 'mind bending'. Even after listening to many other hypnotists and recordings over the years and being an Ericksonian hypnotherapist!"


Effortlessly Carries Out Interventions…

"I was struck by the level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of NLP that John has as he effortlessly carries out interventions and is a master of the use of language and the NLP toolbox to effect change."

Rose Evans

“I have suffered from a panic/anxiety disorder for over 18 years. I wouldn't think in a million years I could ever dance again, let alone do a style of dance I have never trained in before. The Tango is a special art and takes massive concentration. Through your work, I was able to visualize each step with such clarity and calmness that when it came to the time, I actually remembered all my steps. I held your teachings firm in my mind throughout the whole routine. It's your work that actually helped me cross the finish line. I'm truly ever so grateful to you because I have made a HUGE shift, and that shift is propelling me forward and moving me away from any fears. And as you know. I'm going to do it again in Athens. YAY!!”

Kaaren D

Out of a Sea of Confusion...

“Your recordings actually help to get a person out of a sea of confusion and even lies that are constantly being spun in today’s society”

Lucas Roets

I came out in such a peaceful state...

"Well done John. I have listened to plenty of meditation/hypnosis sessions in the past over decades and I cannot remember when I came out in such a peaceful state as when I have listened to your session one"

John Pascoe

Are You ready to Unlock Your True Self and Supercharge Your Full Potential with the Power of Personal TransformationsTM large?

It’s time to become the very best version of yourself…

In this series you will be guided through 6 simple components specifically designed to give you control over the rate and speed of your own Personal Transformation. You will unlock your full potential and see instant results every step of the way.

  • Get re-enthused with YOUR life, get passionate about the life you are living now and you will succeed in creating the future you want
  • Feel great about yourself everyday, because when you believe in yourself, others can believe in you too
  • Become a natural optimist, someone who is much more able to function productively in situations that previously stressed you out
  • Unlock your hidden skills, supercharge your full potential, release your inner celebrity, become someone who turns heads, someone who gets peoples attention
  • Love where you are now so you can more than fill your current place and ascend to the place you want to be
  • Tap into your creative centre and find the solutions and inspiration that were previously hidden to you
  • Get motivated and take confident action to make positive changes in your life effortlessly in a step-by-step manner
  • Break free of the chains holding you back and start making your dreams come true
  • Achieve your ultimate goal and learn the secrets of lifelong happiness

Invest in YOU and Start Your Personal Transformational Journey Today

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Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so if you're not happy, we don’t want your money. It’s as simple as that

Get Started Today For Just $1

Get Started NowFull Personal Transformation Program

With a $46 Rebill After Your 10 Day Trial

Sit Back, Relax and Create Deep and Lasting Change with the Power of Hypnosis and NLP

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