8 Powerful Mental Recharges for Peace, Prosperity & Happiness

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The Secret Used By Great Inventors, Artists, Thinkers and Go Getters

Power napping is the secret used by some of the worlds most successful people. The idea of 'power napping' has been around for centuries, it's reputed to have been used by the likes of Salvador Dali, Aldous Huxley, Thomas Edison, Da Vinci, Einstein and many more. Great inventors, artists, thinkers and go getters!

When you add the power of Brainwave Entrainment Technology to guide you into an even deeper Relaxing State, you access Meditative Theta States rapidly to maximise your PowerNap.

And then add a Focus to your PowerNap with John Vincent's unique rapid hypnotic sessions and you have 11 minutes of supercharging bliss! Adding a powerful hypnotic boost of relaxation and focused motivation to your day.

Listen to these 8x PowerNaps anytime, anywhere for an 11 minute mental recharge during your day. Taking time for you just got even easier. Relax and supercharge your day with PowerNapping.

Remember, repetition is key... You don't just go to the gym once and the same is true for your personal development. Add a powerful hypnotic boost of to your day with four key areas to choose from, each one building upon the last.

Take Time for You: Simple 11 Minute Mental Recharges

8x Powerful PowerNaps for Peak Performance, Relaxation and Mental Clarity

#1 Overcoming Procrastination PowerNap

Procrastination results in unnecessary stress, guilt, feelings of failure, and disapproval for not meeting your responsibilities or commitments.

  • Stay motivated to follow through on your inspired ideas
  • Gain more time-freedom with efficient time management
  • Put an end to your old cycles of procrastination

#2 Clarity & Focus PowerNap

Create more Clarity & Focus in your day, become an unstoppable force and get stuff done with laser focused motivation.

  • Gain a deeper level of Clarity on what you truly want
  • Harness your passion & direct your energy to succeed
  • Supercharge your motivation and drive to make it happen

#3 Releasing & Letting Go PowerNap

When you notice Limiting Beliefs and old patterns of behaviour that have been holding you back it's time to use the Releasing & Letting Go PowerNap.

  • Relax & let go of fears, worries and doubts
  • Be in a better frame of mind to see solutions
  • Forward focus your mind on what you DO WANT

#4 Pure Relaxation PowerNap

This is so much more than just Relaxation this is a Forward focusing deep relaxation experience. Use the Pure Relaxation PowerNap to let go of stress and get positively focused.

  • Reduce your stress, let go of anxiety and feel happier
  • Raise your immune system and boost your health
  • Increase your memory and boost concentration

#5 Abundance Mentality PowerNap

Successful people think in a ‘certain way’, they have an attitude of success that infiltrates every area of their life, it is a way of thinking that influences the success in their life.

  • Bring the power of an Abundant Mindset into your life
  • Recognise the abundance that surrounds you
  • Unleash the attitude of the advancing man

#6 The Clearing Trance PowerNap

Sweep away negativity and replace it with empowering beliefs that move you forward towards your goals, opening you up to new opportunities. Clear the way for your ideal future.

  • Create more empowering thoughts about yourself
  • Transform negativity and achieve Peace of Mind
  • Cleanse Your Mind, Body and Soul

#7 Deep Theta Healing PowerNap

Entering the 'Theta State' optimises your Immune System, promotes mind/body coherence and opens your potential for self-healing. Dissolve stress with Deep Theta Healing.

  • Direct your healing, health, well-being and vitality
  • Be rejuvenated with a passionate drive for life
  • Increase your intuition and elevate your mental clarity

#8 Gratitude PowerNap

Being grateful benefits your health, happiness and well being. Saying "Thank You" brings a smile to people's faces... it also lights up different areas of your brain, making you feel happier.

  • Boost your psychological health and mental alertness
  • Improve existing relationships and attract new ones
  • Increase optimism and promote a positive self-esteem


Taking Time for You Just Got Easier

Eight PowerNaps for One AMAZING Price >> Just $47

Get Started Nowand Keep the Challenge Going

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