PPH: Mind Restore Trypnosis

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Step 1: Peak Power Rest

Getting plenty of deep R.E.M sleep is important for your health and for peak mental performance. In this Module we'll focus on maximising your ability to go into deep restorative sleep with the Mind Restore Trypnosis Session... and with the Peak Power Naps (found in the bonus area) you can maximize and maintain your energy throughout the day.

So getting started... download your Trypnosis Session below and I make time for you... listen before you go to bed and use the power nap sessions at anytime throughout the day when you feel you need a boost to increase your energy, focus your mind or relax deeply.

Mind Restore Trypnosis

This powerful Trypnosis session is designed to help you get the deepest sleep ever, so you wake up to peak mental performance, feeling refreshed and super-charged.

Mind Restore TrypnosisClick to Download


Peak Power Hacks

Restorative Sleep – Two Peak Power Hack... this is a special guide for forming a healthy sleep routine.

Restorative SleepClick to Download

Melatonin Maximiser - for Deep restorative Sleep having good levels of Melatonin is essential. This Smoothie does that while also reducing cortisol (the stress hormone).

Melatonin MaximiserClick to Download

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