PPH: Creativity Trypnosis

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Step 3: Peak Power Creativity

Your brain operates at different brain wave states, and when you are stressed you are predominantly in a beta state of high brainwave activity. Trypnosis harmonizes your brainwaves for whole brain thinking, taking you into deep Alpha states that are associated with creativity and inspiration.

Combined with John's hypnosis to open your eyes to opportunity and solutions that were previously hidden from you.

Infinite Creativity Trypnosis

This powerful Trypnosis session will help you supercharge your motivation so that always take the inspired and efficient action you need to accomplish your goals with the least amount of effort.


Peak Power Hacks

It is very hard to be creative in a beta brainwave state, when your sympathetic nervous system is switched on.

The special Trypnaural music found within each Trypnosis session is designed to bring your brainwaves out of stress and into more natural, calmer brainwave states where your mind can be more creative.

As you listen, you may get sudden sparks of inspiration and new ideas may rush into your thoughts. When this happens, use the Red Light/Green Light technique to brainstorm and filter through the ones that are worth pursuing!

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