PPH: Empowered Habits Trypnosis

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Step 5: Peak Power Habits

Set an intention of one habit you wish to change with the ‘Swish Pattern’ and follow with the Trypnosis “Empowered Habit Generator’.

An example of limiting or unattractive habits you can change instantly are  – nail biting, smoking, excessive drinking, shyness in social situations, binge eating or drinking etc

Then 'Repeat'... do this again and again, banishing all the negative habits you would like to be free from and instead embracing new Empowered Habits.

Empowered Habits Trypnosis

This powerful Trypnosis session when used together with the Swish Pattern will help you remove any negative habits or beliefs by reprogramming your unconscious mind with the more empowered habits and beliefs that you want.

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The Swish Pattern Video

The Swish Pattern PDF

The next step to create your perfect life requires you to go deep within and reprogram yourself for success by erasing bad habits or limiting beliefs.

This hack will show you how habits are formed and hard-wired into your unconscious mind.

You will learn how to upgrade your mind by rewriting your old habits for more empowering ones.

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