Welcome to the Rapport Master Program

Deepen your skills as a Master Linguistice through the secrets of influence and rapport.

RAPPORT MASTER is a video series I recorded quite some time ago... It's based around the idea of a ~5 minute video each day with a technique, concept or observation to watch out for or practice during your day.

Today you can access all 70 videos instantly but I still recommend that you watch just one or two a day. These videos are oldies but the content is still golden.

Rapport Master: 70 Videos... One a Day

Bonus Videos, Audios, PDFs and Blog Posts


Rapport Master requires Adobe Flash Player to view the daily training training videos. This format is compatible with all computers including Mac and PC.

Most computers already haveAdobe Flash Player installed.  However, if you do not already haveAdobe Flash Player, you will need to download it to watch the videos. If you do not have Adobe Flash Player, you can download it free by clicking on this LINK