Passion into Life: Realising Your Product

Turning your skills, knowledge and passion into a product requires many things... That's why we've found the perfect place.

The photographic/film studio is a large space, complete with a 6m wide white infinity cove, choice of wall mounted backdrops, a make-up room and there is even a 'green room' so you can feel like a movie star before recording!

Maybe You Don't Want to or Need to be on Camera...

The recording studio is ideal for recording your product, follow-up podcasts, interviews, audio books, voiceovers, music... anything that you need. Fully sound proofed and acoustically treated to give it a perfectly sound, ensuring your recordings sound, as they should.


And our main space is a bright focused large work space where we'll brainstorm your product, sales flow and create your website etc. with fast wifi and even a 50″ TV for previewing your work.

You'll also have access to some cool break-out spaces for creativity sessions... and a fantastic secret garden, perfect for taking a break from your work or even sitting in the garden working.

Plus the onsite cafe boasts the finest locally roasted coffee and hand rolled fine tea... and Heloise will be sharing a few of her delightful energy ball's, raw cakes and other delicious treats 🙂

My Work is About FREEDOM

Freedom from worry and anxiety. Freedom to be creative and confident. Be FREE to follow your passion. Helping people is something I'm so grateful to be able to do... and Now I'm going to help you realise that too.

The more you think about this prospect of creating a product, the more you'll realise you're aligning the things you LOVE to do with your income stream.

Earning From Your Passion

Helping others and making a real difference in peoples lives. And we're so excited to be able to help you with this.

Event Registration Opens Next Week. And you're on the early bird list so watch out for more details coming soon 🙂

John & Heloise

So you want to know a bit more about me… Well, it’s been four decades since I arrived here on planet Earth and has been an interesting journey so far…

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