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Many years ago I created ‘Trance Club’, then the ‘Hypnosis Success Club’…

When I ended it (after two years) I had emails from people literally begging me to continue. I know that sounds a bit like marketing hype, but its true!

What I’ve put together here is a selection of some of my very favourite episodes... a 6 month journey. Handpicked Dynamic Hypnosis Recordings from the original Hypnosis Success Club specially chosen for you…

And the Craziest thing is… the price is the same as when it launched the club back in 2011!!!

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#1: Clear the Way for Your Ideal Future

Effortlessly Removing the Mental Blocks Holding You Back

  • Release the emotional blocks holding you back. Banish self-limiting beliefs blocking your path to happiness and abundance
  • Sweep away unconscious negativity, boost your levels of positivity and start opening up new opportunities
  • Clear the way for your ideal future replacing negativity with empowering beliefs that will move you forward towards your goals
  • 25 Min Dynamic Hypnosis Session (in 2 versions with & without Binaural Beats)

#2: Mind Restore Trypnosis Session

Drift into a Deep Restorative Sleep and Wake Up to Peak Performance 

  • Guiding you into the best state to relax your mind and body. Experience deep restorative sleep and healing bliss
  • Nourish your true potential and flood your body with healing thoughts and feelings about yourself and your abilities
  • Wake up to peak mental performance, feeling refreshed and super-charged day after day with this mind restore session
  • 38 Min Trypnosis Session (without 'wake up' allowing you to sleep deeply)

#3: The Present: Maximising the Now 

Get More From the Moment... Enjoy the Now!

  • Be more aware of whats happening around you. Be in control of your own destiny by making conscious decisions in the now
  • Become more efficient in your actions. Give the best of yourself. Make each and every action a positive step towards your goals
  • Make the most of the time you have. Enjoy, have fun and appreciate the good things and people in your life
  • 30 Min Dynamic Hypnosis Session (in 2 versions with & without Binaural Beats)

#4: Making Your Future Fantastic

The Future is Where You are Going, Make it Fantastic!

  • Make time to actively look at your life. Take time to create the future you want, improve relationships, excel your career. Now is the best time to plan your future
  • Maximise your past. Learn from the mistakes, build upon the successes and move towards a healthier, happier future where you have more of what you desire
  • Stop procrastination and get motivated to achieve. Take efficient action with a burning ambition to succeed
  • 31 Min Dynamic Hypnosis Session (in 2 versions with & without Binaural Beats)

#5: Making Things Easier

Cease the Uphill Struggle and Start Making Things Easier

  • Stop letting stress and worry cloud your actions, they don’t help. Stay calm, focused and responsive in any situation
  • Streamline your thinking and actions. Get the results you are looking for effortlessly and find the solutions to overcome any obstacle
  • Become more effective at the things you spend your time doing. Make them easier. Make them elegant, effortless and fun
  • 26 Min Dynamic Hypnosis Session (in 2 versions with & without Binaural Beats)

#6: Improve Your Powers To Visualize

Activate and Embed the ‘5 Key Techniques to Visualization

  • Maximize every personal development tool, hypnosis session, guided meditation and more through your powers to visualise
  • Your brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary. Clearly visualise your success and give your mind a clear guide map for the future.
  • Become a master at picturing, visualise yourself the way you want to be, believe in your self and sky rocket your success
  • 27 Min Dynamic Hypnosis Session (in 2 versions with & without Binaural Beats)

Plus: Get All These Additional Supporting Sessions When You Join Today

  • The Present: Maximising the Now - Trypnosis Edition
  • Making Your Future Fantastic - Trypnosis Edition
  • The 5 Key Techniques for Increasing Your Ability to Visualize
  • Systematic Relaxation Peak Power Nap

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John Vincent Hypnosis: Find Out What People Are Saying

Taking Hypnosis & Personal Transformation to the Next Level!

  • Your voice is incredible, as soon as ‘the music starts’ and your voice changes it puts me deep.
    Christopher Westra
  • Your hypnosis recordings though give a me an out of body experience like no other.
    Sue de Jonge
  • I purchased the personal transformation and it has brought me to a level of awareness I didn't know possible. 
    Elsa Medina
  • I went into a relaxation deeper than I had experienced in hypnosis before.
    Mike Griffin
  • I have bought all your hypnosis programs recently and they have changed my life.
    Warren Thackeray Dip.Hyp.
  • This is truly awesome. I went so deep at one point that, all self-awareness dissolved. This is powerful…
    Ivory E. Mobley

Get Focused on What You Do Want

A while ago I wrote an article called: Why Did You Practice That?

It was about a strange experience I had in India with an active meditation. This active meditation was the invention of a European guru. And basically it involved letting go of bad memories. Great premise right.

But the idea was to spend 30 days or more deeply remembering terrible memories... Going really deep into them, screaming, crying, getting it all out.

There was no process of letting go... just immersion in those bad feelings and memories. The problem with the 'get it all out' method is that there is always plenty left, more in there for tomorrow. And constant repetition of the same thing thickens neural pathways.

You get good at what you practice. Practice feeling sad and unhappy and guess what!

Are You Going the Wrong Way?

So many people are focused on what they don't want... they are going the wrong way!

They can tell you in vivid detail about whats wrong with their life, where they are missing out, what they don't have and on and on (and they usually do go on!).

That's simply focusing on all the wrong things! It's putting your focus in the wrong direction.

What DO you want?

  • Clear the Way for Your Ideal Future: Effortlessly Removing the Mental Blocks Holding You Back
  • Experience Deep Restorative Sleep, Nourish Your True Potential and Wake Up to Peak Performance
  • Maximising the Now: Get More From the Moment, Be in Control of Your Destiny... and Enjoy the Now!
  • The Future is Where You are Going. Stop Procrastination, Get Motivated and Make it Amazing!
  • Harnessing 'Easy': Cease the Uphill Struggle, Streamline Your Thinking and Actions. Start Making Things Easier
  • Activate and Embed the 5 Key Techniques to Visualization to Sky Rocket Your Results

Usually, if you just right out buy these sessions at the store it would cost you in excess of $162.00

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