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Clearing & Releasing Hypnosis *PLUS*
Confidence & Charisma Hypnosis & NLP Package

  • Release the emotional blocks holding you back. Banish self-limiting beliefs blocking your path to happiness and abundance
  • Let the inner you shine out. Stand tall and be confident to be the person you want to be, boosting your abilities to succeed

Including:  Clearing Trance Hypnosis Sessions (in 2x Versions)  Confidence & Charisma Hypnosis Sessions (in 2x Versions)  Confidence Conscious Mind Primer Session  Confidence HypnosisSleep Session TOTAL VALUE $59.00

Mind Restore Trypnosis *PLUS*
Self-Image Supercharger Hypnosis & NLP Package

  • Nourish your true potential and flood your body with healing thoughts and feelings about yourself and your abilities
  • Create a positive self-image, a guide map for your unconscious mind of how you want to be.

Including:  Mind Restore Trypnosis Sessions  Self-Image Supercharger Hypnosis Sessions (in 2x Versions)  Self-Image Supercharger Mind Primer Session  Self-Image Supercharger HypnosisSleep Session TOTAL VALUE $59.00

The Present: Maximizing Now Hypnosis *PLUS*
Instant Motivation Hypnosis & NLP Package

  • Be more aware of whats happening around you. Be in control of your own destiny by making conscious decisions in the now
  • Become motivated at will and maintain your momentum throughout the day and achieve the goals you set yourself in life

Including:  The Present: Maximizing Now Hypnosis Session  Instant Motivation Hypnosis Sessions (in 2x Versions)  Instant Motivation Mind Primer Session  Instant Motivation HypnosisSleep Session TOTAL VALUE $59.00

Making Your Future Fantastic Hypnosis *PLUS*
Creativity Activator Hypnosis & NLP Package

  • Create the future you want, improve relationships, excel your career. Now is the best time to plan your future
  • Harness the power of your creative mind and find the way to make your dreams come true

Including:  Future Fantastic Hypnosis Session (2x Versions)  Creativity Activator Hypnosis Sessions (2x Versions)  Creativity Activator Mind Primer Session  Creativity Activator HypnosisSleep Session TOTAL VALUE $59.00

Making Things Easier Hypnosis *PLUS*
Powerful Positivity Hypnosis & NLP Package

  • Become more effective at the things you spend your time doing. Make them easier. Make them elegant, effortless and fun
  • Become an optimist and focus your attention and efforts on positive results. Start to function productively even in difficult situations

Including:  Making Things Easier Hypnosis Session (2x Versions)  Positivity Hypnosis Sessions (2x Versions)  Positivity Mind Primer Session  Positivity HypnosisSleep Session TOTAL VALUE $59.00

Powers of Visualise Hypnosis *PLUS*
Lifelong Happiness Hypnosis & NLP Package

  • Maximize every personal development tool, hypnosis session, guided meditation and more through your powers to visualise
  • Take control on your own emotions. Increase, improve and ramp up your happiness at will. Start your day the right way

Including:  Improve Your Power to Visualize Hypnosis Session (2x)  Lifelong Happiness Hypnosis Sessions (2x)  Lifelong Happiness Mind Primer Session  Lifelong Happiness HypnosisSleep Session TOTAL VALUE $59.00

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