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  • Boost your brain power, unlock solutions and become more creative
  • Improve your concentration and long term memory, enhance your intuition, accelerate your healing, reduce stress and relax deeply
  • Create deeper emotional connections and stronger intuition
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WAIT! Combine Peace of Mind with the Power of Nature

Get 12 Hours of High Quality Relaxing Nature Audios (these are not short loops, these are solid MP3's)

Upgrade to the Peace of Mind with Nature Package and Get all 12 of these Nature Sessions Plus Save an Extra 69%

Tropical Waves

“Feel The Waves Lapping Against Your Feet”
Running Time: 59 Min 44 Sec

Lay back and imagine you are on a tropical sandy beach, the sun gently beating down on you with the sounds of the waves gently lapping at the shore…

Torrential Rain

“Feel The First Drops Of Rain On Your Face”
Running Time: 59 Min 44 Sec

The winds are strong and the force of nature is truly demonstrating its power. You can hear the wind, the rain, the sound of thunder… The first spots of rain make you dive for cover and as you reach your shelter the heavens open…

Woodland Bridleway

“Hear The Sound Of The Trees Rustling”
Running Time: 59 Min 43 Sec

Take a relaxing stroll along a peaceful and tranquil woodland bridleway, and leave all your cares behind as the sun shines down and warms you – just don’t forget to move for the passing horses!!

Tropical Storm

“Hear The Thunder And See The Lightening”
Running Time: 59 Min 43 Sec

The water runs off the roof of your shelter, and in the distance you can hear the rumble of thunder as the storms weaves it’s weary path...

A Clear Mental Image Plus Gratitude Booster Plus Eyes Open to Opportunity: Instant MP3 Downloads

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A Clear Mental Image Plus Gratitude Booster Plus Eyes Open to Opportunity: Instant MP3 Downloads

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