JohnIndiaI’m out in India again. Setting and creating amazing intentions for the year ahead. And ‘intention’ is key!

With the Limiting Story Destroyer you set an intention of a limiting belief or behaviour you want to be free from. Sit back, Relax and Listen to the process and remove those limits from your life.

This can be anything from a really well defined idea of what it is that is holding you back.

Or simply a sense that there is something holding you back that you need to release, even if you don’t quite know what that is.

Clear the Way to Create a Solid Foundation on Which
You Can Build a Bigger Brighter Future

This short guided process targets those specific limiting beliefs and helps you to release and let go of them. 

Listen consciously or simply relax and let the process work on a deeper level as you slip into the deeply relaxing trance.

Destroy the Blocks, Let Go of Limitations and Move Forward with Your Manifestations

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Limiting Beliefs Aren't Real, They're Just Stories You Tell Yourself! What Are the Stories Holding You Back?

We all have them...

You know the kind of thing, they normally start with: "I can't because..." Then there is a 'very good' sounding reason why you can't do something.

But it's just a story you tell yourself, one you've been listening to for years. And I'll let you into a secret... It's also a hypnotic suggestion!

Yep, you've been hypnotising yourself into believing that you can't because of some story... and the CRAZIEST part is, it might even be someone else's story that they told you!

Well meaning parents and teachers do this to their kids ALL the time, then they grow up believing and repeating the same story. 

These Hypnotic Suggestions Are Powerful

Simply telling yourself makes no difference...

"Millions of people tell themselves that they are going to change every New Year. They make a 'resolution', they use will power, but then the old habits that are so ingrained simply overpower their conscious desire."

These Unconscious Programs Need to be Changed at a Deeper Level.

YesNoYour unconscious mind has many of these programs running all the time, they are the programs that control your behaviours and actions. These programs are like the one that tells you to put your foot on the brake peddle when someone steps out in front of you, or makes you pull your hand from something hot without thinking, they are the programs running on autopilot...

...and some of them are out of date and dysfunctional.

The GOOD NEWS is that these unconscious patterns are ones that you have learned. You weren't born with the instinct to jump out of the way of danger and keep yourself safe, these are the things that your parents taught you.

You Are a Learning Machine and You CAN Learn New Habits that Make You More Abundant

There is a scarcity mentality perpetuated through the media, from many different sources. Simple sayings like: “Money is the root of all evil”, the endless talk of recession on the news and many more limiting beliefs about abundance.

There are many types of scarcity beliefs... Not enough time, lack of good education, failure to succeed, inability to lose weight and the list goes on.

Cutting out the source of these scarcity ideals and toxic environments won't heal the damage done.

These Beliefs are Hardwired! They Need Deep Reprogramming to Change Them

The Limiting Story Destroyer is a Gentle Guided Process that allows you to both Relax Deeply and Let Go of Limiting Stories that have been holding you back up until now.

This short 14 min 22 sec guided process is designed to be used multiple times a week to allow you to thoroughly cleanse yourself on a deeper level.

We bathe regularly, exercise regularly, and take time to eat healthy foods... Take time for you regularly too. 

It's Time to Let Go of Anything Blocking Your Path to Success...

Is Your Unconscious Mind Sabotaging Your Efforts?

Let’s face it! No amount of 'Action Taking' is going to help you if, behind it all, your unconscious mind is sabotaging all your efforts!

When you hold onto limiting and negative stories about yourself and your abilities you restrict your ability to grow and flourish. You are an amazing human being, one of a kind and its time to start living up to your full potential.

Limiting beliefs are stories we tell ourselves that are simply not true!

The imprints we take on as children stay with us for the rest of our lives, unless we deliberately change them.

The good news is we 'imprint' and take on new beliefs as we continue to grow.

This guided process relaxes you deeply and runs you through a mental routine to release and banish negative thoughts and behaviours that are working against you, stopping you from getting the life you want!

When you become free from these limiting beliefs you are free to create new, more empowering beliefs that support you in creating a bigger, brighter future.

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"We Clean Our House and Desk Regularly...
How Often Do We Take Time to Clean Our Mind"

The deeper you go on your journey through life the more you change... and that can be for good or bad. The deeper you go on TV, fast food and sedentary lifestyles, the more you change... but not for the better!

As you INSTEAD continue to Make Positive Life Changes that support the lifestyle that you want to live.

The best of the best have coaches... thats why they are the best! Because we are constantly subject to outside stimulus. Some of it is good for us and some of it is bad for us, supporting and creating limiting beliefs that hold us back. 

"A person is the sum of their past, but you are not limited by it!"
Make Room for What You Do Want and Let Go of What You Don't Want

Just as when you clear space in your wardrobe for more clothes you have more space for clothes...

When you clear out the limiting beliefs from your mind you have both more space and more energy for the things you do want.

The More Time and Energy You Give to Beliefs that Limit You,
The Less You Have to Give to those that Support You!

Just like your computer, when you have programs running in the background they slow down your computers processing power... When you have Limiting Beliefs about the world it slows your mental capacity down and that slows you down! 

The latest Neuro-Science Research is supporting techniques that have existed in human history for thousands of years. And the advances in Psychological techniques for change have never been so effective and available as right now.

It has never been easier to change than now! 

And Now is the Best Time to Make a Decision to Change.

Set an Intention TODAY * Empower Yourself * Discard Old Limiting Beliefs

And Create a Bigger, Brighter Future

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Banish Negative Stories with the Limiting Story Destroyer MP3 and put this powerful process to the test.

You have our 60 days, no questions asked, no risk, money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with the progress you are making, for whatever reason, you can have your money back. No questions asked.

I think you will be surprised how effective and yet simple to implement this process is and that you will be 100% satisfied.

Spring Clean Your Unconscious and
Make Space for Positive Change

“Very cool little synchronicity's have been popping up and my head is buzzing.... very cool new vibration. Had an offer for a new business to start up with my brother financing which is completely miraculous.” Thanks much! Namaste.

Becky C

With the Limiting Belief Destroyer You Will...

  • Destroy the Blocks Clouding Your Opportunity to Recognise Your Full Potential
  • Relax, Release and Let Go of those Limiting Beliefs and Stories that are Holding You Back
  • Move Forward with Your Manifestations to Create More of What You Do Want in Your Life
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