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2 Hypnosis Titles, 6 Versions. Value $54.00 Get Today for the Price of One. ONLY $11.11

Reprogram Your Mind With The Synergy Of Hypnosis & Soundwave Technology

The past is over...

BE IN THE NOW. Start Making the Most of Your Present & Creating Your Future Fantastic

Now is ALL there is. You can Plan for the Future... Making it FANTASTIC.

  • Maximise the Now & Make Opportunities Happen for You: Be in control of your own destiny by Making Conscious Decisions in the Now
  • The Future is Where You are Going: Stop procrastination, get motivated and make it AMAZING. Create the Future You Desire.

Including... the 'Lost' Trypnosis Editions. FREE

2 Hypnosis Titles, 6 Versions. Value $54.00 Get Today for the Price of One. ONLY $11.11

#1: The Present: Maximising the Now

The more you become focused in the ‘Now’ the more you are open to the opportunities that present themselves to you...

And ultimately the more you enjoy from your life right now.

And the more you're enjoying where you are right now, the more opportunities you see.

And the more you take them, the quicker you move towards where you want to be in life. ENJOY THE PRESENT...

It's a Gift :))

“You can advance only by more than filling your present place”
Wallace Wattles

Living in the Present, being Grateful, means you excel toward the life of your desires, enjoying the present moment to its fullest.

#2: Making Your Future Fantastic

We all daydream, right?

But if all you do is daydream it will come to nothing!

Creating your most Fantastic Future is the only way to be sure you get a Fantastic Future.

If it’s a future that you really want you will be more positive and passionate about it, which in turn makes it a future that’s easier to achieve and focus on.

The Mind is Oftentimes Likened to a Computer...

These might be like some of the command lines:

Conscious Mind: “I want to lose weight!”

Subconscious Mind: “lol you kidding? I love chocolates! I am fat and always will be!”

Request cancelled, initiate the self-­sabotage sequence.

Hypnosis is the Fastest & Most Effective Way to Make Positive Lasting Change in Your Life

Cutting straight through to the subconscious and effortlessly reprograming your mind for instant changes.

Hypnosis is the ultimate in easy learning and relaxation.

All you have to do is lay back, press play and let the hypnosis does the rest. Hypnosis cuts straight through to your unconscious mind and effortlessly reprograms your mind for the positive changes you desire.

So you will be more relaxed throughout the day and better able to identify the opportunities that present themselves to live more in the moment and create and make manifest your Future Fantastic.

PLUS the 'Lost' Trypnosis Editions. FREE

Because Music Has a 'Magical' Effect on Your Mind.

The 'Lost' Trypnosis Sessions are different to the original Hypnosis Sessions... the goals are the same but the delivery is completely different. Making them perfect complimentary sessions to boost your results even further.

Lost, but not forgotten… way back somewhere around 2015/16 I recreated these two Hypnosis sessions as Trypnosis Editions as part of a Peak Power Hypnosis project.

These sessions use the world class meditation music 'Trypnaural' by Niraj Naik (amAya sound and Creator of S.O.M.A Breath) to create Trypnosis, a unique blend of therapeutic sounds, and special music to enhance the power of the hypnosis to glide you smoothly into a deep trance for the most blissful experience imaginable.

These two sessions have been unavailable for years… lost somewhere in cyberspace. But now they’ve been returned to the fold and are available to you completely free, when you take advantage of this insane discount on the main Hypnosis Sessions.

Get ALL SIX Versions for the price of ONE!!

Moving From the Beta to the Theta State.

Brimming with electrical activity every single moment of our lives our brains are capable of so much. These Brainwaves differ from each other (their frequency).

Beta waves are the 'busy' normal waking conditions. Alpha State, the relaxed fluid creative state... Theta is a deeply relaxed Meditation (and Healing) State where Hypnosis can cut straight through the static and negative self-talk.

That is why ALL these hypnosis recordings come with a Theta Brainwave Entrainment version to easily assist you into the right relaxed state of mind for change.

The original Hypnosis Sessions come with a version with Theta Binaural Beats, which use two tones of slightly different frequencies played in separate ears simultaneously with headphones.

This creates the perception of a new, third tone, whose frequency is equivalent to the difference between the two tones being played.

This auditory illusion is called a Binaural Beat. Using this Brainwave Entrainment Technology (BWE) helps to gently guide you into a deeper more meditative Theta State.

The Trypnosis sessions use a different form of Brainwave Entertainment Technology, utilising Isochronic Tones to guide you down deep into the healing Theta Brainwave State. This form of BWE are perfect for listening without headphones. 

TWO Hypnosis Goals, focused on the Present and the Future, in SIX different versions for maximum power.

The Present: Maximising the NOW
& Making Your Future Fantasic

2 Hypnosis Titles, 6 Versions. Value $54.00 TODAY JUST $11.11

Get Focused on What You Do Want

A while ago I wrote an article called: Why Did You Practice That?

It was about a strange experience I had in India with an active meditation. This active meditation was the invention of a European guru. And basically it involved letting go of bad memories. Great premise right.

But the idea was to spend 30 days or more deeply remembering terrible memories... Going really deep into them, screaming, crying, getting it all out.

There was no process of letting go... just immersion in those bad feelings and memories. The problem with the 'get it all out' method is that there is always plenty left, more in there for tomorrow. And constant repetition of the same thing thickens neural pathways.

You get good at what you practice. Practice feeling sad and unhappy and guess what!

Are You Going the Right Way?

So many people are focused on what they don't want... they are going the wrong way!

They can tell you in vivid detail about whats wrong with their life, where they are missing out, what they don't have and on and on (and they usually do go on!).

That's simply focusing on all the wrong things! It's putting your focus in the wrong direction.

What DO you want?

  • Be more aware of whats happening around you. Be in control of your own destiny by making conscious decisions in the now
  • Become more efficient in your actions. Give the best of yourself. Make each and every action a positive step towards your goals
  • Make the most of the time you have. Enjoy, have fun and appreciate the good things and people in your life
  • 30 Minute Dynamic Hypnosis Session
  • Full Hypnosis Session with Theta Binaural Beats (for use with headphones)
  • PLUS 'Lost' Trypnoisis Edition (with Isochronic Tones BWE)
  • Make time to actively look at your life. Take time to create the future you want, improve relationships, excel your career. Now is the best time to plan your future
  • Maximise your past. Learn from the mistakes, build upon the successes and move towards a healthier, happier future where you have more of what you desire
  • Stop procrastination and get motivated to achieve. Take efficient action with a burning ambition to succeed
  • 31 Minute Dynamic Hypnosis Session
  • Full Hypnosis Session with Theta Binaural Beats (for use with headphones)
  • PLUS 'Lost' Trypnoisis Edition (with Isochronic Tones BWE)

The Present: Maximising the NOW
& Making Your Future Fantasic

2 Hypnosis Titles, 6 Versions. Value $54.00 Today JUST $11.11

"Your hypnosis recordings give me an out of body experience like no other”

Effortlessly Reprogram Your Mind for What YOU Want

  • Your voice is incredible, as soon as ‘the music starts’ and your voice changes it puts me deep.
    Christopher Westra
  • I purchased the personal transformation and it has brought me to a level of awareness I didn't know possible. 
    Elsa Medina
  • I went into a relaxation deeper than I had experienced in hypnosis before.
    Mike Griffin
  • This is truly awesome. I went so deep at one point that, all self-awareness dissolved. This is powerful…
    Ivory E. Mobley
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Taking all the risk off you. Because its on me!

Give this The Present: Maximising the Now & Making Your Future Fantastic Hypnosis Package 60 days, and if you are not happy and don’t find yourself making positive changes, just let me know and I will refund your purchase in full…no questions asked.

I think you will be surprised how comprehensive and yet simple to implement this series is and that you will be 100% satisfied. Your satisfaction is my #1 priority, so if you are not happy, I don’t want your money. It’s as simple as that.

  • Maximising the Now: Get More From the Moment, Be in Control of Your Destiny... and Enjoy the Now!
  • The Future is Where You are Going. Stop Procrastination, Get Motivated and Make it Amazing!
  • The Present: Maximising the Now Hypnosis (Plus Binaural Beats Version) & Trypnosis Edition
  • Making Your Future Fantastic - Hypnosis (Plus Binaural Beats Version) & Trypnosis Edition

Time to Make Your Future AMAZING!

Right Now Is All There IS.
The Future Is Where You're Going.

2 Hypnosis Titles, 6 Versions. Value $54.00 Today JUST $11.11