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Where Science, Spirituality and Linguistics Meet... 

Come Four Unique Meditations with the Spirit of Being at their Core 

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Discard the Negative Emotions Holding You Back. Be Grateful for the Joy in Your Life. Create a Brighter and More Abundant Future

"The most powerful 3 step meditation process I've ever experienced!"

John cleverly weaves hypnotic undertones and powerful NLP techniques into these relaxing guided meditations meaning that they are very different and unique experiences…

In fact, they are so different, you may at first find it unusual but I can guarantee that when you close your eyes, relax and come on these meditative journeys you will experience powerful shifts in your Life Journey…

  • Release the emotional blocks holding you back. Banish your self-limiting beliefs that are blocking your path to happiness and abundance

  • Nourish your true potential and flood your body with feelings of Gratitude. Harness the power of your grateful mind

  • Step into a brighter future, one where you believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed. Get the results you want and deserve

"The Most Powerful Three Step Processes for Personal Change I Know for Letting Go and Embracing a Brighter Future"

This process is simple yet powerful and in this meditation series John has created two very contrasting full length meditations… plus two matching Morning Booster Sessions

The meditations are based on the same powerful life transforming 3 step process and yet they will take you on a very different journeys… because there is more than one route to happiness. 

The Spirit Of Being Meditation Series Includes:

  • The Live Meditation - Recorded on the banks of the Trevina stream in a secluded woodland surrounded by the serene peace of the countryside. This is a Meditation in Nature.
  • The 300 Second Booster Session - From that same live event. Cutting straight to the core process this is a powerful way to start or end your day.
  • The 7 Minute Booster Session - This captivating and hypnotic Meditation is perfect during the day to refresh, renew and refocus your attention back to the Spirit of Being
  • The Studio Meditation - This BRAND NEW Meditation uses different psychological techniques on a very different meditational journey to renew and reinforce your goals. This is Meditation with a Difference.

Getting the Maximum Benefits from Your Spirit of Being Meditation

Like with all meditations, it is best listened to in a place where you can relax and will not be disturbed…

If you can do this outside then the soft breeze will add to your sensation of being there, sat under the dappled light of the trees next to the babbling brook…

Sit, crossed legged or in a position that is comfortable for the whole duration of the meditation…

Some find it more relaxing to lay down and that is perfectly fine too.

Close your eyes and let your thoughts and internal dialogue drift away…

Listen to the sessions in the suggested order as John guides you on this journey of personal release, gratitude and empowerment.

Meditation is a Powerful Tool for Health and Well Being

You don't have to be an expert at reading ECG scans to SEE the difference between the before and after images of meditation here.

Your brain waves change when you meditate!

The effects of meditation on your body and the changes that happen to your brain when you meditate have been scientifically proven. But they have also been known about for centuries, by many cultures long before science was the mainstream.

The Changes That Happen When You Meditate Include:

  • Lowering high blood pressure - meditation improves your health
  • Reducing anxiety attacks - meditation is calming
  • Decreases insomnia - meditation improves your sleep
  • Increases serotonin production - meditation makes you happy
  • Improving the immune system - meditation makes you feel great
  • And a host of other benefits…

Inspired by a Ceremony from the Jungles of Koh Phangan, John Brings a Magical Touch to the Spirit of Being

Based in London, John is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Consciousness Explorer, with a 25 year record of successfully making life changing positive breakthroughs in people’s lives.

Helping people to banish limiting beliefs, activate their personal best and transform their lives.

You may find John's hypnotic undertones in these Meditations takes you deep. If this happens that is fine, just go with it because your unconscious mind will follow along for you.

The Spirit of Being Meditations are inspired by a Raw Cacao Ceremony that John took part in deep in the mountainous jungles of the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

The Cacao Ceremony is about feeling good, releasing negative emotions, and connecting with your pure heart energy.

Capturing the essence of that ceremony, these meditations are about Abundance, Gratitude and Letting Go of things that don't serve you anymore.

Come on a powerful journey of Positive Healing & Change...

I didn’t like it at first!

But as I relaxed and followed the meditation I found myself relaxing into a deep meditation and afterwards I felt calm, like I had released the stresses that had built up in me. Instead I was excited and re-energised to working on my business…

I love John’s hypnosis products, talking books and his voice, but when I first started listening to this I thought ‘oh I don't like this… But, I carried on listening to it until I went deep. Deeper than any mediation I've ever listened to, but more than that the way I felt afterwards was amazing. Cleansed, destressed, happy, grateful and feeling more abundant.

Words cannot explain how great I this is meditation is. More please :-)”

Focusing Solely on YOU Being Free of the Blocks Holding You Back and Embracing the Mindset You Need for Abundance

The Spirit of Being Meditation Series is different to John's usual work. The LIVE recording is from last years Personal Transformation LIVE Retreat and along with the studio recording they are very different from anything else John has ever released.

  • In Live Recording John captures the very essence of what this empowering weekend retreat was all about
  • In the Studio Recording he takes you even deeper on a truly hypnotic and powerful meditative journey
  • And with your short 5 and 7 minute Booster Sessions they are a powerful way to start or end the day

The Spirit of Being Meditations guide you on a simple three step process of personal release, gratitude and empowerment:

  • Let go of the self-limiting beliefs and emotions blocking your path to happiness and abundance
  • Boost the gratitude you feel in your life and harness the power of a positive mindset
  • Increase your abundance and get ready for some wonderful transformations in your life

Are You Ready to Come on this Magical Journey of Change?

Meditations with a Difference:

Be transported to the tranquility and seclusion of the Cornish Countryside.

Imagine the wind rustling the trees and relax deeply into the hypnotic sounds of the babbling brook as John takes you on a journey of personal release, empowerment and abundance.

The 30 minute Live Meditation is a peaceful journey ‘from where you are to where you want to be’

Originally, this program only contained the Live recording and the 300 second booster. Recorded at an exclusive two day retreat in Cornwall, the feedback we got was overwhelming, so much so John decided to record more…

Go deeper into this transformational journey where meditation, spirituality, science and linguistics all align for your personal benefit.

In this unique and Hypnotic Studio Meditation John uses very different techniques to create a powerful, complimentary and contrasting Guided Visualisation and Meditation Spirit of Being process.

The FULL Spirit of Being Series has everything you need to:

Let go of things that don't serve you anymore, Feel Grateful for what you do have and use that gratitude and energy to power forward and achieve your goals and dreams.

Your Booster Sessions: Short Power Packed Sessions You Can Access Anywhere

These short Booster Sessions give you the freedom to access your 3 step process anytime of the day… no matter how busy you are.

At just a few minutes long they are perfect as a supercharging morning meditation, a lunchtime booster or an evening revival session, easily fitting into your day.

Relive the release and uplifting feeling of letting go, the empowerment of harnessing your feelings of gratitude and refocus your mind back on track to the life you do want to manifest.

We’ve been through the recording of the LIVE event and created a short 300 second Morning Booster Session so you can wake up with the Spirit of Being!

Taking just 5 minutes to relax in the morning will have a huge impact on your success... and you’ll feel good, each and every day.

And the 7 minute booster session focuses straight in on the powerful NLP process used within the LIVE session… perfect for a midday gratitude and refocusing reminder to maximise your day.

Your “No Questions Asked” RISK FREE Guarantee

This Meditation Series is very different... Give the Spirit of Being Meditation Series 60 days, listen the whole way through and repeat.

If you don’t find yourself making positive transformations in your life or you don't like it for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you in full… no questions asked.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so if you're not happy, we don’t want your money. It’s as simple as that

The Spirit of Being Meditation Series - Only $67  $17

Version 2.0 Launch SALE - 75% OFF

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BONUSES: Deepening Your Meditations & Ensuring You Succeed

Free NLP Sessions ‘Quietening Your Internal Dialogue’ & Case Study

Quietening Your Internal Dialogue

‘Quietening your internal dialogue’ is an NLP Video Session with John designed to help you to control your internal dialogue, quieten your mind and deepen your meditations.

Gain greater control of your internal thinking and direct it in a more positive direction.

Case Study: Quietening Your Internal Dialogue

A great accompaniment to the NLP Video Session...

This Case Study ensures you fully understand and can implement this 'Quietening Your Internal Dialogue' techniques into your meditations right away, breaking down the process in 'real time', so you can just follow along.

Help I Can't Visualize Audio

Do you find it difficult to imagine or picture something in your mind? Do you have difficulty ‘seeing’ images in your minds eye?

This audio contains 5 techniques for increasing your ability to visualize in your mind.

In Summary: Everything You Will Get Today

So If You Are Interested In:

  • Releasing emotional blocks holding you back
  • Banishing the self-limiting beliefs that are blocking your path to happiness and abundance
  • Nourishing your true potential and flooding your body with feelings of Gratitude
  • And stepping into a brighter future (one where you believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed), so you can get the results you want and deserve

When You Invest in the Spirit of Being Guided Meditation Series Today You Will Receive:

1. Your 'Spirit of Being' LIVE Meditation - Instant High Quality Audio MP3

2. Your Brand New 'Spirit of Being' Meditation - Instant High Quality Audio MP3

3. Your 7 Minute 'Spirit of Being' Booster Session - Instant High Quality Audio MP3

4. Your 5 Minute 'Spirit of Being' Booster Session - Instant High Quality Audio MP3

5. Your Bonus NLP Sessions ‘Quietening Your Internal Dialogue’ - Two Instant Play and Downloadable MP4's

6. Five Bonus Visualization Techniques - Instant High Quality Audio MP3

All at a HUGE discount because you are part of this wonderful community and interested in developing yourself and becoming the best you can be

This Meditation is Unique... Recorded Live at a Retreat in Cornwall... Recreated in the Studio... and shortened into to two powerful Booster sessions... this is meditation with a difference.

The bonus NLP video's are part of my $197 'Free Your Mind' Course. There are 7 Modules in FYM, that puts a value of $29 on these video alone...

In fact the total value of all the content that you get instant access to when you get started with this Meditation Series today is easily worth well over the $67 it will be sold for when it is released to the public.

But today you can download these powerful meditations that contain the essence of the Personal Transformation weekend workshop plus much, much more and get FREE access to the powerful NLP sessions that will help improve your meditation, all for a HUGE discount.

I hope you know that you are a valued member of our community and we'd like to offer you the chance to get hold of this Brand New version of the Spirit of Being Meditation Series (before the rest of the world) at a big discount as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for being interested in John's work.

So today you can get started with the Spirit of Being Meditation Series and start the process of personal release, gratitude and empowerment with a Massive 75% OFF

Making this offer to you HUGE value at only $17

Discard the Negative Emotions Holding You Back. Be Grateful for the Joy in Your Life. Create a Brighter Future with More Abundance

Become at Ease. Let Go of the Stresses Holding You Back & Step into a Brighter Future

For a One Time Payment of Only $67  $17

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