Week One: Clearing the Way

This week is about clearing the way, understanding the structure of your thinking and practicing three powerful techniques that give you the controls to take charge of your thoughts and behaviours.

These Techniques are perfect for banishing worries, anxieties, nagging doubts…

First up, think of something you want to change. A negative pattern of behaviour that you are tired of.

Think about how many times this pattern runs each day?

How long do you spend each day thinking about it?

How many wasted hours a day is that? Now grab your calculator and times that number by 365…

So, how many hours a year are you wasting doing something you don’t even want to do! I’ve seen people who spend upwards of 3 hours a day obsessing about one thing! This is over 1000 hours a year. Thats like 25 work weeks a year, or 6 months of Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm!

Its time to end this pattern of behaviour for good…

And the ‘good’ you are going to end it in favour for is something you want. Because you can’t have negative thoughts in your mind while trying to do something fun or productive towards reaching your life goals.

Imagine seeing yourself spending your precious moments of time more wisely

Week One Webinar

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  • Week One Webinar Notes
    Week One Webinar Notes

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Week One Case Study: Spinning

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Week One Case Study: Quieten Internal Dialogue & White-Out Technique

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