Designing a Blueprint For Your Success.
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Invest Just 5 Minutes a Day and Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Achieving Your Own Personal Successes is Easier Than Your Thought.

  • Do you find yourself exhausted at the end of the week only to find that you’ve gotten little to nothing done?
  • Does it feel like you’re always treading water? Working hard day in and day out with little to show for it?
  • Are your dreams slipping away while you just struggle to keep up?

By committing just a few minutes every day you can turn your life around. You will watch your GOALS BECOME REALITY.

Believe it or not YOU have the ability to reprogram your brain to gain more confidence and motivation. You can banish those limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your productivity and YOU can adopt the daily habits that will bring you success.


Step #1 We connect via Skype and clarify Exactly what you want.

Step #2 I personally design a series of Daily Success Rituals for You and Guide You Through them.

Step #3 You invest just 5 minutes on yourself each day using these proven Psychological Techniques.

Step #4 We Skype a second time and super-charge your DSR's.

Step #5 You new Habits of Success bring You what you desire


If you can't give yourself 5 minutes a day to Change Your Life then this is not for you.

Embrace & Increase...

  • Increasing Motivation
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem
  • Gaining Clarity & Focus
  • Confidence Supercharge
  • Improving Relationships
  • Increased Productivity
  • Setting & Achieving Targets
  • Reassessing Your Life Goals
  • Identifying Core Strengths
  • Maximizing Your Potential
  • Engaging Speaker
  • Rapport
  • Becoming Happy & Fulfilled
  • Excelling in Your Career
  • Emotional Mastery

WANTED: Passionate People Who are Ready to Make a HUGE Shifts in Their Life

If you are tired of not getting the results you want and ARE ready for Change... this might be just want you need.

You see ALL highly successful people employ specific rituals that allow them to get into “the zone”. These habits help increase their creativity, productivity, motivation, patience, energy, focus… whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Now it's Your turn.

I will work with you to attain the outcome you desire and help you make them effective daily habits so they become automatic and effortless.

You know that you don’t have to be the most gifted individual to succeed.

But you DO have to know how to stay focused so you can work more effectively and efficiently. You need to have the confidence and ability to control your emotions so you can achieve your goals.

You need to know how to master the powerful rituals highly successful people perform on a daily basis.

Every so often I like to open up a limited number of spaces for my one-two-one sessions, giving you the opportunity to work with me directly, just the two of us.

You have the potential within you to live a happy and successful life and I want to help you fulfil that dream

My Promise to You… Invest Just 5 Minutes a Day and Gain Hours of Productivity

Who am I and how do I know so much about what it takes to succeed?

My name is John Vincent and I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to helping people achieve their goals.

A trained Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer I have effectively helped manifest life changing breakthroughs in my clients’ lives.

And now I am offering a complete and comprehensive program you can do at home, no matter where you live, to learn the tools needed to achieve success in your life.

During these One-to-One sessions together I will personally design a series of DSR's, using the latest Psychological Techniques for Change. And just as if you came to see me in my office I will use the magic of NLP to instal new habits of success right there and then on the call... then all you do is simply use these Psychological Techniques - 3 - 5 mins daily, for a week (until we Skype again) to naturally and easily re-enforce the change you want.

You invest just minutes daily and gain hours of Productivity.

A Practical Tool to Reprogram Your Mind

So what exactly is NLP and how can it help increase your productivity?

A technology developed by Dr. Richard Bandler & John Ginder, NLP gives you the power to control your thoughts and emotions.

Used by the military, the police and such high profile people including the likes of Bill Clinton, NLP helps you stop those limiting thoughts that interfere with your success.

And with just a modest amount of time and effort, this Personally designed sequence will create the change in you, allowing you to see the results day by day.

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Your Personal DSR's and start living the life you’ve always wanted

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What Are You Worth? How Much Time Have Got Left? Now Is The Time! Get Started.

We will reprogram your mind for Success together. And You will learn the Secret to keeping the momentum and making the transformation stick.

Once we rewire your brain Success becomes a habit. And Your Outcomes become Reality.

I am fully committed to your success.

A Proven Track Record for Changing Lives

The benefit of us working together is that I do more than teach you the most effective habits of highly successful people... we literally rewire your brain with the exact patterns of success that will get You the results you're after.

The habits of Success become yours...

As automatic as brushing your teeth.

And It Works! Time and time again, I have used these NLP techniques in helping my clients succeed:

I wouldn't think in a million years I could ever dance again, let alone do a style of dance I have never trained in before… through your work, I was able to visualize each step with such clarity and calmness that when it came to the time, I actually remembered all my steps.

Kaaren D

Mind hacks are the way to go. It’s just a matter of zeroing in on the one that will affect my life the most positively at any point in time.



I can HIGHLY recommend your products to anyone and the effectiveness of your material and the way it is delivered is not only enjoyably, professional but highly effective!

Barry H

I was struck by the level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of NLP that John has as he effortlessly carries out interventions and is a master of the use of language and the NLP toolbox to effect change.

Rose E
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