Alphastates & Pyramid Valley 

When I saw it, it took my breath away… Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, India. The Pyramid, the largest in Asia, can accommodate 5000 people meditating at any single moment.

After being there a few days I realised the Pyramid holds one of the Secrets to Manifesting/creating the life of your dreams...

I was lucky and honoured to be invited there during the 6th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS). Amongst this amazing gathering of Spiritual Masters and Teachers, I was there to perform a meditation with amAya Sound…

But What is the Secret?

Accepting our Award at the 6th GCSS, Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, India. 

Being in the Flow State is key to manifesting. Alpha Brainwaves are this  state.

Musicians call it ‘Being in the Groove’, Athletes call it ‘Being in the Zone’, Psychologists call it ‘Being in the Flow State’. It’s a state of effortless pure being.

Neuroscientists recently confirmed that alpha brainwaves reduce negativity and help you clear of your mind of unwanted thoughts. Alpha brainwaves are also recognised as promoting creative thinking and increasing your ability to gain clarity and focus.

This ‘flow state’ is prized by world class athletes, musicians, writers, speaker etc. Because It works for them. In fact one person I know specialises in helping Golfers enter Alpha.

Being in this more relaxed Alpha state works for them, making their life effortless* and full of more wonder. (*Effortless does not mean lazy!)

Plus, When You Enter Alpha States 'Happy Chemicals' are Released

Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin etc… These are the brains ‘happy chemicals’.

And these ‘feel good’ chemicals (or neurotransmitters) are what make us feel good and they are released when we engage in activities like exercise, or our hobbies and spending time with loved ones.

These neurotransmitters also make us focused, creative, happy and much, much more, these are very same neurotransmitters that are released when we enter Alpha...

The Importance of Regularly Entering the Alpha State

It has been proven in many experiments using EEG machines that our brains entrain to any frequency that matches various brainwave states (alpha, theta, delta, etc.).

Research also shows that when using headphones these binaural beat frequencies synchronise the left and right brain. Most of the time the left and right brain are not synchronised.

Brain Wave Entrainment(BWE) audios can entrain your brainwaves into high states of meditation fast. Reaching the same states of mind that it used to take years to attain.

Manifesting Through Alphastate Meditation

For forty days and nights the founders of Pyramid Valley slept in a log cabin they built, meditating and visioning the valley the way they wanted it… then they made it real and what they have manifested into reality is a truly inspiring place.

The main mission of Pyramid Valley (promoting Personal Improvement through Meditation and vegetarianism) are focused on being in the nexus of Meditation and Science... at a point where both science and spirituality agree and that's the reason we ended up there in the first place...

Pyramid Valley Constructed and orientated the same as the pyramid of Giza using the golden angle of inclination at 52° 51’ (the golden ratio is found in nature). The pyramid also has a ‘King’s Chamber’ located at the center, at one-third of the height of the pyramid.

The north face of the pyramid depicts air. The south depicts fire. The east face depicts the water elements. The west face represents the earth.

King Chamber Crystal Bowl Sound Bath.

During the (GCSS) up in the Kings Chamber we experienced a 90 minute Crystal Bowl Meditation. Being up in the Kings Chamber, in giant meditation pyramid in India, during the Global Congress, my experience was very deep!

The sound-waves are both heard and felt.

A sound bath is an experience where the sound waves are not just heard, you also feel them. This is much more effective at synchronising your brainwaves, producing the desired results.

The Alpha Waves are heard and felt by the body, that give it a much more profound effect on your state of mind... and part of the reason we go such good feedback from the live event, because the sound waves 'bathed' all the people meditating there in Alpha...

The next time we visited Pyramid Valley...

we spent 10 days mediating going deep... we were also given permission to record our Tibetan Bowls inside the Kings Chamber of the pyramid.

For thousands of years the singing Bowls used in Tibet have been producing Alpha BWE frequencies used in meditation, helping give the monks their amazing abilities. This was a rare and very generous offer.

During this trip we would hear tales of scientifically tested examples of ESP and would follow this phenomena around India for 18 months... these are all much larger adventures and stories for another time... but they all hinged on spending more time in Alpha!

We also met Spiritual Masters, Gurus, Baba's, holy men, heard stories of manifesting, profound spiritual understandings and new learnings all again, Alpha State Meditations…

The world would be a happier, healthier and more creative place if everyone spent more time in Alpha.

My Good friend and fellow consciousness explorer Dave Dunn has recorded a series of the most beautiful Tibetan Bowl Meditations in the most beautiful and spiritual locations.


Share Your Experience with BWE and Ask Any Questions...


  • Kacy

    Reply Reply June 25, 2016

    That takes us up to the next level. Great pognsti.

  • Jo

    Reply Reply November 12, 2015

    wow! that pyramid looks wonderful, i would love to go there and listen to you guys play:-)

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply November 12, 2015

      Thank you Jo. It is an amazing place and a what an opportunity! I hope to go back there soon…

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