PPH: Efficient Action Trypnosis

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Step 4: Peak Power Action

Life is always going to throw problems at you to deal with. Sadly this is something that will never change, but hey, this applies to everyone, including the world's best peak performers.

What sets the successful apart from the rest is their ability to keep going no matter what life throws at them.

Get the tools you need to Take Efficient Action, to start making everyday a successful day

Efficient Action Trypnosis

This powerful Trypnosis session will help you supercharge your motivation so that always take the inspired and efficient action you need to accomplish your goals with the least amount of effort.


Peak Power Hacks

Taking efficient and consistent daily action is essential for success.

This will help you save time, get more done, and have more fun in reaching your goals.

The Pomodoro Technique For Getting Stuff Done! –  This is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.

The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

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Extra Special Bonus

The name of this Trypnosis session comes from the ideas of Wallace Wattles... Chapter 12 of his Best Selling book, The Science of Getting Rich is about Efficient Action.

So as an Extra bonus I though I'd include a copy of that chapter as an Audiobook and Part 12 of The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis a Full length hypnosis recording... and part of my SOGR Hypnosis system...

I hope you enjoy.

Part Twelve - Efficient Action

Listen to either this hypnosis session or the Binaural Beats version of it at least 3 - 5 times (within a week). I recommend that you focus on one chapter at a time so start with Part One and listen to it 3-5 times in the first week before moving on to the next chapter.

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This Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) or Frequency Follow Response (FFR) Binaural Beats audio creates a Theta binaural tone. By listening to this audio your brainwaves will synchronise with the Theta binaural beat helping you go deeper into trance.

Due to the nature of binaural beats you DO need to use headphones when listening to the binaural beats version.

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The Science of Getting Rich Audiobook

Chapter Twelve
Efficient Action

Read by John Vincent this is a high quality SOGR audio book. Unlike the Hypnosis Sessions you can listen to the audio book anywhere, even whilst driving.

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Wallace Wattles’ teachings form the basis of ‘The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis’ program and reading this book will add to your experience, learning in different mediums.

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