Congratulations: Time to Start Releasing & Letting Go

You will get best results if you listen to this session 3-5 times in the first week. Because repetition is the key in life... "Synapses that fire together, wire together." The more you do a thing the the easier it becomes.

Whilst you drift into hypnosis (what is Hypnosis?) with the relaxing music you put the powerful resources of your unconscious mind to work. Reprogramming and supercharging your unconscious mind.

Hypnosis has been shown time and time again to rapidly create and strengthen neural connections. When you use Hypnosis recordings regularly, the results are exponential.

1: Your Dynamic Hypnosis Session: Releasing & Letting Go

Dynamic Hypnosis

2: Releasing & Letting Go with Theta Binaural Beats.

Binaural Beats are a form of Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) that naturally synchronises your brainwaves to the theta brainwave, helping you go even deeper into trance.

headphones are needed for this session.

Hypnosis with BWE

HypnosisSleep Edition

The ultimate in easy learning, all you have to do is press play, lay back and get a great nights sleep.

The HypnosisSleep session is designed for when you're going to sleep. Simply put it on (no headphones needed) and relax and drift away. There is no wake-up with this recording, you will simple wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and lighter. This session is designed to be listened to after the main Hypnosis sessions and will give you long term reinforcement while you sleep.

The 11 Minute PowerNap

Add a powerful hypnotic boost of releasing and letting go to your day

Designed to give you an 11 minute mental recharge during the day whenever you feel your energy is dipping and also work on your unconscious mind – programming you for effortless letting go and forward focusing your outlook.

'Live' sessions: Conscious Mind Primers

The best way to supercharge your hypnosis experience even further is through setting your intentions and priming your mind beforehand…

That’s why I’m creating this special conscious mind priming session for you.

CMP1: you will discover the 3 main techniques for controlling your consciousness

CMP2: Hear John working with an audience member and follow along with this Powerful Double Disassociation NLP Techniques

CMP3: You'll relax into a different version of the powerful NLP Technique inside Hypnosis/Trance/Meditation...

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