Making Your CMI Work for You... 

Focus on the BIG PICTURE. Thats the core message of ALL the Highly Successful people I've ever spoken to. 

Focus on what you DO want… not all the blocks in the way to getting what you want.

Focus on the big picture, get the details clear in your mind and keep adding to it each time you imagine your CMI. Imagine being there and what its like in vivid rich detail. Then work backward and see the big chunks that you need to do to get there. The big steps on the way to succeeding.

Don’t worry about the how! Simply get started. Get going. Take efficient action, do things to get to your CMI.

Getting Real, to Get Your CMI Clear

Sometimes to really get a clear mental image its a good idea to go and experience what you want more of. If it’s a ‘thing’ like a car, go take one for a test drive. Experience it in real life, go see what it’s like, feel it, smell the new car smell, hear the sound of the engine…

If it’s a place go there, or make plans to go there and experience it as soon as you can. Go do classes, or workshops and talks, hang-out with like minded people… getting your CMI clearer is easier when you have an experience of it.

Get Clear on What You Want

  • What places do you want to spend more time?
  • What things do you want more of?
  • What do you want to spend more of your time doing?
  • Who do you want to spend more of your time with?

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Get a Clear Mental Image

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So you want to know a bit more about me… Well, it’s been four decades since I arrived here on planet Earth and has been an interesting journey so far…

Professor Richard Wiseman's 4 Principles of Luck. Click Below.

The Interesting Thing About Luck...

Professor Richard Wiseman, gave two groups of people who described themselves as lucky and unlucky a newspaper and asked them to look through it and count how many photographs were inside. 

On average the unlucky people took about two minutes to count the photographs, whereas the lucky people took just seconds. Why? Because the second page of the newspaper contained the message: "Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper." This message took up half of the page and was written in type that was more than 2in high. It was staring everyone straight in the face, but the unlucky people tended to miss it and the lucky people tended to spot it.

He also placed a second large message halfway through the newspaper saying: "Stop counting. Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win £250." Again, the unlucky people didn’t have their Eyes Open to Opportunity missed it because they were still too busy looking for photographs.

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