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Join Over 26 Thousand of Us Expressing more Gratitude, Being with more Happiness and becoming Healthier with Our Dynamic Hypnosis Recordings.



Wake Up To Peak Performance Everyday. “Fall Into Deep Sleep In Minutes & Wake Up to Peak Mental Performance, Without Needing Drugs or Expensive Treatments, Using Our Ground Breaking Trypnosis™ Audio Technology – the core of our Unique Transformational System”.

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Experience Deep Relaxation, Eliminate Stress & Wake Up To Peak Performance

Boost Your Performance in 5 Core Areas

  • Experience deep tranquil relaxation, drift off into the deepest sleep and wake up refreshed
  • Form an unshakable resistance to stress and create more empowering healthy life habits
  • Enter peak-performance states of mind, get into the ‘zone’ and skyrocket your self-confidence

Step One - Prepare Your Conscious Mind for Change

  • The Conscious Mind Primer: 22 min session speaking directly to your conscious mind, preparing you for transformations ahead

Step Two - Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind with each of the 5 Core Habits for Automatic Life Success

This System Includes FIVE Core Modules:

  • Mind Restore: Evaporate stress, drift off into deep restorative sleep, lose weight, get fit & have more energy to get things done
  • Supreme Self Confidence: Pursue any goal you want, banish fears like public speaking, self-belief or approaching new people, etc
  • Infinite Creativity: Ignite your creative spark, become inspired. Write that bestselling book, or think up that world changing idea
  • Efficient Action: Take efficient action, have a razor like focus and become ultra productive from the moment you wake up
  • Empowered Habits: Eliminate bad habits, or phobias like fear of flying. Instead develop your empowered success habits

Each Session Combines THREE Fundamental Elements:

  • Subliminal Acoustic Hypnosis: Unique blend of hypnosis taking you deep & programming you for optimum peak performance
  • Trypnaural Isochronic Tones: Perfect for listening to as you drift asleep because you don’t need headphones
  • Trypnaural Sounds: Unique blend of therapeutic sounds to enhance the power of hypnosis and deepen the trance

Plus Unbelievable Amounts of Bonus Content

Including 3x Peak Power Naps (worth $17 each) designed to give you an 11 minute mental recharge during the day

  • Abundance Mentality
  • Clarity & Focus
  • Progressive Relaxation

You are about to Discover the Most Powerful New Life Hacks for Peak Performance of Mind, Body & Soul

Originally: $197 Now Just: $147

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Transform your life and supercharge yourself in six weeks with Instant results every step of the way using the unique Personal Transformation System. Create deep and lasting change with the power of Hypnosis and NLP, reprogramming and rewiring your brain for success and happiness

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Transform Your Life & Supercharge Yourself in 6 Weeks

Unlock Your Full Potential Today

  • Enhance Your Charisma and Boost Your Confidence. Unleash Your Inner Celebrity
  • Increase Your Self-Image, Boost Your Self-Esteem and Increase Your Self-Worth
  • Re-Pattern Your Brain for Success, Become Motivated, Creative and More...

Confident, Focused, Motivated, Creative, Happy, Abundant

This System Includes Six Targeted Modules:

  • Confidence & Charisma: Let the inner you shine out
  • Self Image Supercharger: Create a positive self-image
  • Instant Motivation: Become motivated & achieve your goals
  • Creativity Activator: See the creative solutions & opportunities
  • Positivity: Enjoy life more with the power of a Positive Attitude
  • Lifelong Happiness - Be in control of your own emotions

Each Module Containing 3 Fundamental Elements:

  • Dynamic Hypnosis Sessions
  • Powerful Mind Reprogramming Tools
  • Effortless HyonosisSleep Sessions

Plus Unbelievable Amounts of Bonus Content

  • Abundance Mentality Hypnosis: Activate Your Abundance Mentality
  • Conscious Mind Primer: Banish the Poverty Blocks
  • Focus & Tranquility Breathwork: Get Your Whole Brain Activated
  • Morning Gratitude Booster: Start Everyday with Gratitude

The Full Personal Transformation System: 6 Targeted Modules Each Combining the Power of Hypnosis, NLP and HypnosisSleep Sessions

Create Deep and Lasting Change with the Power of Hypnosis and NLP, Rewiring Your Brain for Success and Happiness

Originally: $297 Now Just: $197

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The Science of getting Rich has been inspiring the rich and successful for over 100 years. Now there’s a new way of learning and living The Science of Getting Rich… With this Cutting Edge System you can start LIVING The Science of Getting Rich instantly and effortlessly.

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Change Your Future with The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis

Awaken Your Abundant Mind

  • Discard Old Limiting Beliefs that are Holding You Back from Success
  • Tune Your Mind into Wealth Creation & Harness it to Obtain Your Goals
  • Start Taking Efficient Action & Experience the Importance of Increase

You Have the Right to be Rich & There is a Secret to Achieving It… There is a Science to It!

This System Includes:

  • Dynamic 27-30 min Hypnosis Session based on a chapter of this timeless classic
  • Binaural Beats Hypnosis Session to help you go into an even deeper trance
  • PDF of the corresponding Chapter of the book because repetition is key
  • Audiobook of the corresponding Chapter so you can listen on the go too

Plus Unbelievable Amounts of Bonus Content

  • Thought Patterns of the Highly Successful ebook
  • Your Vision Clarifier Clear Roadmap ebook
  • Your Vision Clarifier Webinar Recording
  • The NLP Tool Box: 4 Powerful NLP Sessions

The Full Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis System: 17 targeted components each focused on a different chapter of the book

Activate Your Wealth Mindset & Create More Wealth in Your Life

Originally: $297 Now Just: $197

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Banish Fears, Anxieties, Worries and Doubts in Minutes. Without Needing Drugs or Expensive Therapy. Then Use the Tools from NLP to Free Your Mind With NLP and Gain control of your thinking. Achieve and experience the life you really want.

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Free Yourself from Negative Emotions, Unleash Hidden Skills & Unlock Your True Potential


  • Banish Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Doubt. Dissolve Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self Talk
  • Create New Habits of Success that Propel You Towards Your Dream Life
  • Create New Beliefs About What You Can Do and What You Deserve

Find out why more and more scientists, celebrities & sports people are tapping into the Power of NLP

This System Includes Four Powerful Modules:

  • Module One: Clearing the Way. Understanding the structure of your thinking with three powerful techniques
  • Module Two: Powering it Forward. Harnessing your positive feelings and using them to start creating generative change
  • Module Three: Empowering Beliefs. Your beliefs about yourself and your abilities can either help you succeed or hold you back
  • Module Four: Future Fantastics. This is about mapping your goals into the future & harnessing the power of your positive emotions

Plus Unbelievable Amounts of Bonus Content

  • 3 Case Studies - John working directly with clients
  • Learn the NLP Belief Change Pattern
  • Future Fantastic: Create Your Best Year Ever Powered by NLP
  • Time for a Change - Full Session from the Inner Circle
  • Creating Daily Success Rituals - Including 4 Case Studies
  • The Top 5 Essential Success Habits

Free Your Mind of Negative Emotions, Anxieties and Doubts. Unleash Your Full Potential

Unleash Hidden Skills & Unlock Your True Potential

Originally: $197 Now Just $97

Get Started Today60 Days Money Back Guarentee

What People are saying about our programs

Thank you John. I have been using this each morning for the past few days and I've got to say WOW! I’m feeling sooooo amazing! full of gratitude, love and abundance. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this and making it available to everyone.

Dave D

John, this was magical! Your voice is mesmerizing! Thank you!

Cris C



"This is truly awesome. I went so deep at one point that, all self-awareness dissolved. This is powerful…"

Ivory M

Again an amazing powerful tool!! love John Vincent, I purchased the personal transformation program at the beginning of this year and it has brought me to a level of awareness I didn't know possible. THANK YOU for being so generous, infinite blessings back to you!!!

Elsa M

“Your work is having such a positive influence on me. There are no words to describe my big thanks for your work which is helping me to overcome an awful state that I have endured for too many years unnecessarily.”

Kaaren D




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Experience 27 Minutes of Pure Relaxation Hypnosis