Why do you want to learn about Reality Tunnels anyway?  Well, when you change your Reality Tunnel, you change your world! And the changes you make can be...


What is a Reality Tunnel?

Reality Tunnels are built out of every ‘filter’ that you use to experience the world… Every belief you have...

‘Is the glass half full or half empty?’. That’s the optimist or pessimist filter...

But half empty or full of what is an important question because if the glass contains 50% rotting fruit then for me it’s ‘half empty’ and I want to know how to fully empty it! If it contains 50% of a super healthy, super tasty drink, its half full and I want to know how do I fill it fully?

And of course, when we use a different reality tunnel it’s always full! 50% water (for example), and 50% full of air. This is just a different reality tunnel... the Super Optimist!

There are an infinite amount of perceptual viewpoints… people are trustworthy or people are untrustworthy. Good things never happen to me or I always attract amazing good fortune.

These are the myriad of sorting patterns and filters we use to form our view or ‘Reality Tunnels’ of the world around us. These sorting patterns and filters are unconscious. We are usually unaware of them as we make judgments about the world and people we encounter.

And until we ARE aware of them we can’t know what to change!

We learned these different opinions and beliefs through our experiences, many of them when we were just a child. These are the patterns that are shaping our reality. Everyone interprets the world in a slightly differently way.

We all know someone who remembers the details of an event differently to us. It’s not because they are a liar, it’s because they filtered the experience differently. They are living in a different reality tunnel.

When I see clients one to one sometimes I see a client who says they are depressed. Of course ‘depressed’ is one of those words that fools us… it’s a nominalisation. A verb, a ‘doing word’ that has been turned into a noun, a ‘naming word’. And this affects the reality we live in.

Naming word: Depressed.

Doing word: Depressing.

The first thing is to take ownership! Take responsibility and change the nominalisation back into to a ‘doing word’.

In this example, change the nominalised word from ‘depressed’, a static state (ie it’s stuck!) into ‘depressing’ which is an activity the person is ‘doing’. Normally the depressing thing is a particular kind of ‘thinking pattern’ that they are engaged in. Typically a depressed sounding, slow, dull internal dialogue with a little fuzzy internal imagery in their minds eye.

One of my clients turned everything that they did into a depressing memory. They had fun at the time doing it, laughing even. But when they thought back about it, it changed the way they remembered it. When they ‘thought about it’ it was ‘depressing’ them.

I taught them a new way to think that wasn’t depressing. Then when they thought back about something they suddenly remembered the fun they had instead of the bad bits they previously would have remembered. They felt the good feelings again and had a good memory rather than a depressing one.

Their experience, their reality tunnel, had shifted allowing new possibilities.

How do I create new Reality Tunnels?

A good friend of mine, Croz Crossley (Law of Attraction Speaker), has a wonderful couple of questions to help you change the way you view something

Question #1 Have I done all I can do about ‘x’?

Answer No: then go do what you can do. Answer Yes: go to Question #2

Question #2 Is there anything else I can do?

Answer Yes: then go do it! Answer No: forget about it!

Yep, if you have done all you can do about it there is nothing more you can do about it!

Worrying is only poisoning your thoughts and body with stress chemicals. Worrying is a waste of your time and energy, it clouds your mind and thinking. It actually stops you from having clarity and lucidity of thought that may help you find a solution! In short it’s not good for you!

So, is there something that you worry about and know you will worry about again?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers us the Swish Pattern

This psychological technique is a way of reprogramming your thinking to create a new pattern, a new way of being and experiencing the world in certain situations. If you know that you are going to worry about something similar to something you have worried about before this generative change techniques can change that now.

Someone I know is always worrying about other people. They worry that bad things might happen, they are constantly imagining worst case scenarios and getting all worked up about nothing. The Swish Pattern helped them to stop that. It helped them create a new way of looking at the world

Read the Swish Pattern Exercise Here

In the next article you are going to learn one of the most powerful techniques for gaining a deeper understanding into the way people think so you can communicate with them and gain a deeper rapport to get the results that are right for both of you.

Once you understand this concept of Reality Tunnels you can choose new reality tunnels to experience the world through.

This makes your experience of the world a different place. And it can be a dramatically different place.


  • Alice Kane

    Reply Reply January 9, 2016

    Oh, John you have done it again!! First this idea of ‘nominalisations’ the power that word have over us i know is huge and this is a huge concept. Thank you John. Then you gave me the 2 questions from your friend,i love these 🙂 and switch pattern from nlp. you are so genius with your gifts, inspiration and thoughts thank you thank you thank you Alice x

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply January 9, 2016

      Thank you Alice I am glad you enjoyed reading this… Dr Richard Bandler’s Swish Pattern from NLP is one of my favourite techniques, its such a powerful technique for change.
      Croz’s questions are wonderful too. And Nominalisations that’s a big a huge topic… hope you enjoy using these concepts 🙂

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