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I was born in Oxford, UK.

I grew up during the seventies.

During the early 90’s my awaking started…

During the early 90's I was earning a living as a musician... spending all my time learning everything I could about the mind.

Meditation, Hypnosis, NLP, Shamanic techniques, Ti-Chi, Chi-Gong, Altered Sates of Consciousness, Accelerated Learning, Yoga and Pranayama the list goes on…

By the turn of the millennium I was working in the field of change.

John Vincent

Helping people quit smoking and lose weight with Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In January 2005 I started a assisting the founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Dr Richard Bandler and the Society on NLP at their London events.

Its so much easier to write in the third person…

“John has invested over 3,200 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD), in the last 16 years…”

It's easier to have a bio written by a professional writer, but then it wouldn’t be me!

It wouldn’t be my voice… 

Assisting at over 50 Hypnosis and NLP Seminars with Dr Richard Bandler and the society of NLP.

Just to be clear… we’re doing a bit of third person here (and Heloise is helping me blow my own trumpet!)

John has also assisted UK Hypnotist and self-help phenomenon Paul McKenna PhD at many of his events.

At small events and venues like The Excel Centre and Wembley Arena.

Each year John spend months in different countries exploring and deepening his understanding of systems for transformation...

“I like the good stuff, the things that work… I model them with NLP and create new Hypnotic Processes…"

Ok… ok, the third person bits gone to far, using quotes…


This year we’ve been taking the Hypnosis Lounge round the festival circuit in the UK.

A mix of Wellness festival and some pretty epic parties like Nosily: An inclusive haven where underground music thrives and self expression flourishes…

I have been creating my unique blend of hypnosis and NLP tools helping my clients get the results they desire, fast.

I'm am also the creator of the SoBeing Process, the Hypnosis Success Club, The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis, Personal Transformation, Rapport Master. Co-Creator of the Peak Power Series and a host of other hypnosis and personal development programs.

But let’s be honest, its YOU, that you’re more interested in... And specifically, what I can do for you.

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