The Top 5 Essential Success Habits

#2 Mental Exercise

One of the many wonderful benefits of doing exercise like Yoga is that it’s common to meditate afterwards. The benefits of mediating are many and it can give you the opportunity to plan your day. Many top CEO’s spend a little quiet time each morning going inside and planning their day visualising the things that they want to achieve that day.

Top sports people visualise the race or game in vivid detail. Getting a Clear Mental Image is something that is so important to achieving your goals.

Mental Exercise is anything that you do deliberately with your thinking.

While we know that spending an hour in the gym each day under the supervision of a personal trainer is likely to help you gain the result you want. The same is true of mentally rehearsing what you are going to do that day or how you will achieve your goal. As you rehearse it over and over, it becomes much more likely that you will make it reality

Mentally rehearsing a speech, the gestures and actions that go along with it works. After all, that’s what actors do, it’s their job to remember their lines and act in character.

Mentally rehearsing being confident talking to people is just like an actor mentally rehearsing their lines… and the results are that you’ll become more confident. Almost every personal development program and spiritual development system talks about the importance of getting a Clear Vision of what you want,which is of course, a mental image.

Everyone makes mental imagery… some people are not aware of ‘seeing’ them in their mind or they may be a fleeting image. Learning to become better at visualising is something worth practicing.

Deliberately directing your thoughts and feelings is as important as deliberately directing your physical actions. When visualising it is important to connect your feelings to the mental images. Check out my Pdf Blueprint and Audio called Efficient Success Activator for full details on how to do this.

Here are a couple of simple exercises you can do to increase your ability to visualise. These may seem simple, but they are very effective.

#1 Hold something in your hand and stare at it. Stare intently at it for ten to fifteen seconds, then close your eyes and imagine it. At first you may only close your eyes for a second or two before you need to open them to see the object again.

#2 This is something I call: The Post-it Note technique. Stick up some post-it notes around your house with different words on them, things you are familiar with, like Laptop, Phone, Shoes, and so on, every time you see one of the post-it notes ‘think of/picture’ the item written on it. No matter how briefly the thought of it comes to your mind be happy that you are practicing a valuable life skill.

“The one thing I want to do is centre myself every day and make that a practice for myself. Because I’m 1,000 percent better when I do that”
Oprah Winfrey

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