The Top 5 Essential Success Habits

All highly successful people employ specific rituals that allow them to get into “their zone”, to get into ‘the flow state’, to stay super focused and to succeed.

These habits or Daily Success Rituals (DSRs) help increase their creativity, productivity, motivation, patience, energy, focus, etc… for whatever it is they want to achieve.

Do a simple Google search and you will find a plethora of articles and interviews with successful people in their field, sharing their Daily Success Rituals, the things they do each and every day that they attribute part of their success and wellbeing to.

In this Series I’m going to share the top 5 Daily Success Rituals of the highly successful based on my own research.

They are meant to inspire you… and I recommend that you find three Daily Success Rituals that are personal to you and what you desire and start there.

#1 Physical Exercise

One of the things you will find is that most successful people talk about doing exercise regularly.

When the author Tim Ferriss asked Richard Branson how he stays super productive he answered: “his work-out”. He said his physical activities give him at least four additional hours of productivity each day.

This is definitely one of the top habits of successful people. Regular exercise is probably something you already do but have you thought of dedicating some time each and every day to it?

Choose something that is right for you, something that resonates with you.

There are so many ways for you to succeed at this, so many different things to choose from moving meditations, dance, yoga to a full power session in the gym.

If you don’t have time for a full session you can still squeeze in short bursts of exercise that can be as beneficial as an hour in the gym, like the 7 Minute Scientific Workout. So you can always manage to make time for exercise.

"There are 1440 minutes in a day. Don't tell me you can't find 30 minutes to exercise."

If you dislike the exercise you are doing, find a different form of exercise, something you do enjoy.

Some people love the rush of working out in a gym, but if running and going nowhere isn’t your thing then keep exploring until you find something that you do enjoy.

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer to keep them motivated, so an alternative to keep you motivated is joining in classes.

Playing team games is another alternative that can help keep you focused as well as making it fun.

Using a DVD or online video series to guide you through a routine will help you stick to your exercise goals.

Make it fun and focus on what you are doing. Many studies have shown the benefits of focusing your attention on the actual muscles groups that you are exercising whilst you are exercising them.

In fact there are studies that have shown that just visualising doing the exercise increases muscle tone, but not enough for you to lay in bed and do that instead!

When to Do Exercise: Factors Worth Consider…

Morning Exercise:

In a study by the University of New South Wales, they found that exercising in the morning, before breakfast was the best time if you want to do cardio exercise and lose weight.

Your body burns fat for energy in the morning and exercising first thing morning also helps kick start your metabolism waking you up for the day.

Exercise also releases the ‘feel good’ hormone endorphin giving you a positive start to your day. Many people also attribute higher levels of mental clarity and awareness to regular morning exercising.

Evening Workouts:

If you are wanting to build muscle then doing high intensity workouts in the afternoon could be a better option for you. Weight training and high intensity aerobic workouts are best done when the body has warmed up.

One thing that everyone agrees on though… Doing exercise is better than not doing exercise!

Some of the many reasons for doing exercise that successful people quote is because it gives them clarity and focus, invigorates them and sets them up for the day.

If you aren’t currently doing regular exercise now is the time to start. Start slowly and consult a professional before starting any new or very different exercise routine.

"Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning… even 10 minutes of activity changes your brain”. John Ratey, Harvard Medical School

"Even 10 minutes of activity changes your brain”

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